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January 2015
Dear Parent/Carer
On Thursday 22 January we are holding our Y9 Options Evening and Consultation Evening for
parents/carers of Y9 students.
The information session about the options process will be held twice during the evening at
3.30pm and 6.00pm in the hall and will last for 20 minutes. It is important that students and
parents/carers attend one of these sessions so that everyone has an understanding of the Y9
options process. The option form and a copy of the option booklet will be issued. You will then
be able to spend time at home supporting your son/daughter as they make their choices.
Mr M Cottingham
da Vinci Community
St Andrew’s View
Tel: 01332 831515
Fax: 01332 830106
During the evening there will be information displays about the different option subjects we are
offering located in different rooms where staff will be available to answer questions. We will
also have representatives from local post 16 providers, information about other post-16 options
and Stella Mosley, our careers advisor, will be available for informal discussions throughout the
Alongside the options evening event, the consultation evening will run from 4.00 – 6.00pm and
6.30 – 7.30pm to give as much opportunity as possible for you to attend and meet the teachers
you wish to see. You will be able to meet your child’s subject teachers and talk to them about
your child’s progress in their subject area.
Enclosed is an appointment sheet for your child. Please decide which of the options information
sessions you are able to attend and tick the times you are available for subject consultations
with teachers. The appointment sheet should then be given to your child to bring back into
school on Tuesday 13 January. It is then their responsibility to make appointments with their
teachers on your behalf.
We would also like to collect your opinions about the school. On the evening you will have the
opportunity to fill in a questionnaire. You can do this at www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/
or by following the link on the school website.
We look forward to seeing you on 22nd January. If you have any questions or queries about the
evening please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Yours sincerely
Angie Matan
Assistant Headteacher
Good practice award. Universal