Adobe Premiere Certification Worksheet #2


Adobe Premiere Certification Worksheet #2
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Adobe Premiere Certification Worksheet #2
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question
1. What is the term used for the ownership of a song you wrote for your own film?
A. Derivative Works
B. Copyright Holder
C. Fair use doctrine
D. Intellectual property
2. Which of the following is NOT a factor in determining the kind of video to produce for a target audience?
A. Audience Age
B. Stated purpose of the content
C. Client goals
D. Designer’s stylistic preference
3. What is B-Roll footage?
A. The second time a scene is captured in footage
B. A title that is bolded for emphasis
C. Secondary footage that disguises unwanted content
D. The correct term for a sequel and second part to a film
4. Payment for the right to use existing material in your project is known as what?
A. Copyright clearance
B. Intellectual property
C. Copyright fee
D. Release form
5. Which of the following require permission to be included in your own footage? (Choose 3)
A. People
B. Animals
C. Music
D. Locations
6. What is the name given to existing work that belongs to somebody else?
A. Derivative works
B. Copyrighted material
C. Patented material
D. Authorized content
7. Which of the following require permission to be used within a film? (Choose 2)
A. Transitions
B. Effects
C. Music
D. Images
8. Which of the following are examples of fair use? (Choose 3)
A. Research
B. Teaching
C. Marketing
D. Library archiving
9. What is important to consider when filming children?
A. Sometimes they look at the camera.
B. Children require chaperones.
C. Permission is required.
D. Children need to have school lessons on set.
10. What is not an appropriate source for footage when creating a documentary?
A. Location B-roll
B. Interviews
C. Similar Documentaries on YouTube
D. Photographs
E. Re-enactments