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SPA SystemPartner GmbH & Co. KG
Success Story
At a glance
The customer
SPA SystemPartner GmbH & Co. KG
Benzstraße 1
76185 Karlsruhe
Wholesale company in the car accessories sector
Product groups: car care, car accessories, replacement
parts and parts subject to wear and tear, engine oil, air
Services ranging from purchasing, marketing to
Development and manufacture of innovative products
and services
Marketing of leading brands, licensed brands and own
Head office: Karlsruhe
Warehouse: Malsch
Sales offices: Anröchte, Osnabrück
Companies abroad: Korneuburg (Austria), Otelfingen
(Switzerland), Prague (Czech Republic), Hong Kong
The project
Mapping of billing processes in the petrol station sector
with integrated settlement of commission
SPA SystemPartner GmbH &
Co. KG
Mapping of agency billing processes in SAP
The company SPA SystemPartner has been using SAPERP in its Purchasing, Logistics, Sales, Finance and
Controlling Divisions since 2013. When it moved to a new
business model, namely agency business in the petrol
station sector, there were additional requirements for SPA
SystemPartner to map the new business processes in the
system within a short space of time.
In practice this involves drawing-up the agency statements
and the calculation and settlement of any commission
payments for the new business model.
A particular challenge of the project was the short time
between clarifying the requirements and the targeted
deployment of the solution.
After an initial presentation of the new business model,
workshops on recording the target processes started within
a few days. The latter recognised the SAP agency business
(LO-AB) as the most suitable component to implement the
After drawing-up an outline concept, a start was made
immediately on implementing the processes, with great
value placed on a high level of interaction between the
specialist divisions and the IT Department of SPA
SystemPartner and the XEPTUM staff as the
implementation partners.
The pragmatic approach and the high level of expertise of all
those involved in the project enabled the processes to be
successfully implemented and rolled out within only seven
weeks. In practical terms this included:
implementing an inbound interface
drawing-up the agency settlement documents and
transferring them into financial accounting
the calculation and posting of the commission to be paid
compiling a collective settlement and offsetting
commission that had already been paid
CO-PA link
issuing messages (Adobe Interactive Forms, CSV files)
linking to the existing archiving system
The next step now consists of implementing various
complaints processes.
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SPA SystemPartner GmbH & Co. KG
Benzstrasse 1
76185 Karlsruhe
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