iceee 2015 - Salahaddin University


iceee 2015 - Salahaddin University
Ishik University
Faculty of Education
Dear Sir/Madam,
Salahaddin University
College of Education
We are pleased to announce that Ishik and Salahaddin Universities are organizing the
(ICEEE 2015)
with the chosen theme of
On 12 and 13 April, 2015
The goals of the conference are:
To encourage people to participate in finding alternative, eco-friendly energy sources; developing projects to eliminate
polluting agents
To inform people about global environmental problems
 To make people environmentally conscious
Important Notice
 On 12 April, 2015 ICEEE 2015 Conference will be held at Ishik University
Proceedings book will be published; therefore, all speakers must submit full
text articles.
Please submit your abstracts and full text articles to
[email protected]
for further information please visit our conference website at: OR
April 12-13, 2015
Proposals can be submitted on any of the following issues:
The efficient use of water resources
 Social changes that effect the environment
 Ecology, environmental protection and Earth strata preservation
 Environmental problems of mining and industrial landscape
 Natural and managed ecosystems
 Nature conservation and sustainable use
 Indoor and outdoor air quality
 Ecological Engineering - ecosystem management, protection and restoration
 Effects of globalization on natural resources
 Waste treatment and management. Advanced recycling technologies
 Soil degradation/erosion and remediation
 Management of industrial wastes
 Waste water treatment processes, technology and infrastructure
 Waste water reuse
 Innovation for less polluting emission processes
 Pollution management
 Environmental Economy
 Energy consumption & protection
 Nanotechnology
 The health effects of air, water, soil, radiation, and noise pollution
 Cumulative environmental assessment
 The effects of radiation
 Other subjects related to ecology, environment and energy
 The contribution of non-renewable natural sources to global warming
 Environmental education
 Environmental law and philosophy
 Chemical and physical pollution in ecosystems and the measures to be taken
 Tourism and environment
 Alternative and environmentally friendly energy
 Biological Diversity (Biodiversity)
 Environment and urbanization
 Paradox between ecology and economy
 Energy, Environment and Deposit Free Industry
 Health and environment
 Economic Problems in Environmental protection
 Economy and Ecology
 Economy and Energy
Dr. Mehmet Özdemir
Ishik University Vice President
of Educational Affairs
Note: The names of the universities have been
alphabetically located and lined for ICEEE2015.
Dr. Edrees M. Tahir Harki
Salahaddin University
Dean of Education College
April 12-13, 2015