my résumé - Vincent Lorant


my résumé - Vincent Lorant
vincent lorant
interaction designer
Born on March 7th, 1992
French nationality
+33 (0)7 82 37 30 48
[email protected]
Currently in my last year at l’École de design Nantes
Atlantique preparing for two master’s degrees in
Interaction Design and Virtual Reality. I’m living in
both the city of Laval and Nantes, FRANCE.
2013 ~ 2015
Preparing for a double master’s degree
- Interaction design master’s degree at l’École
de design Nantes Atlantique, FRANCE.
- Research Master’s Degree in Virtual Reality
Engineering at Arts et Métiers ParisTech in
Laval, FRANCE.
2013 ~ fall
I.D.A.S. Hongik University at Seoul,
Studying in the media design part.
I experimented digital fabrication (3D Print
and laser cut), Design thinking, prospective
2011 ~ 2013
Bachelor’s degree in interaction design at
l’École de design Nantes-Atlantique based in
thinking / project about the future of
technology and built an interactive installation
with an urban environment.
The subjects include user interface &
experience, ergonomics, prototype tools
such as programming, 3D modeling, graphic
design motion, workshops and projects with
professional partnership (Orange, Meccano).
2010 ~ 2011
Foundation year preparing for a competitive
entrance examination
Acquiring basic design knowledges and
creative skills, introduction of interaction,
2009 ~ 2010
Baccalauréat (equivalent to a High School
specialised in Mathematics / Engineer sciences.
product, packaging, graphic and space design.
work experiences
2011 ~ present
Freelance as a web designer
Creating and updating websites for the
following agencies :
- Louis Cheam : photographer (2015~work in
From August to September 2012
Graphic and interaction design three-Month
internship at Opixido - Nantes France
- RJV Nails : nails care company(2014)
- Lucien Busca : Compositing project supervisor
VFX / Film director (2014)
- LylooFilms : Visual creation Agency (2013)
- Mathias Vertesi : Film Director (2012)
A three-month internship working on projects
for museums such as «le Louvre» and
«Escal’Atlantic», mobile application, website
and graphic projects.
- .Moov : Creative Audiovisual Production (2011)
2011 ~ 2012
Piano teacher
Giving piano lessons to two beginners
Playing & composing
Playing piano for 11 years.
Pianist in a progressive metal band for 5 years.
Composing classical and experimental music.
Innovation & entertainment
Digital culture, Videos games, TED Talks,
science fiction movies and books.
Yamaha XS8 and Korg X50
Guitar Pro 6, Ableton Live, Audacity, Kontakt5
CouchSurfing, visits, studies
(NI), Massive (NI)
Italy, Korea, Japan, Ireland, England, Vietnam,
Germany, Africa(Senegal)
Real-time application
design & development
prototype & installation
3DS Max, Unity3D, Processing,
Javascript & JQuery
Arduino, vvvv
Motion design, video,
sound Design & music,
Photoshop, Illustrator,
prospective design
After Effects, Premiere Pro,
Ableton Live
mother tongue
excellent working knowledge
TOEIC 875/990 (2013)
basic knowledges
contest & exhibition
2014, décembre
MAYAM Challenge 2014
Three students and I developed an
augmented reality application during 6 days
in collaboration with FENGTECH company.
We received the award for the technic.
2014, october
Tokyo, JAPAN : International Collegiate Virtual
Reality Contest (IVRC)
Overflown received the Special jury IVRC
award 2014 during the Digital Content Expo.
2014, September
Digital week
2014, June
Exhibition of the project Overflown during
the digital week (international art and new
Exhibition of the project Overflown during
technologies event) in Nantes, FRANCE.
the WEB2DAY conference week about
technology based in Nantes, FRANCE.
2014, April
Laval Virtual Fantasy contest : category
2013, April
Laval virtual fantasy contest : category Demo
Overflown received the award of the best
‘‘limited time (30 hours)’’
graphics of Laval Virtual Fantasy Contest in
Result : Melodia project which has been
the «Demos» category of the 2014 session.
exhibited during the event.
Participation at the Worldskills contest regional level
I was a competitor at regional level in the
Web category.
Grégoire Cliquet
Arnaud Le Roi
Director of READi lab at l’École de design
Head of the Virtual Reality Master’s Program
Nantes Atlantique.
at l’École de design Nantes Atlantique.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Florent Michel
Head of Interaction Design Undergraduate
Studies at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique
[email protected]