Maintenance Pack 12 Overview


Maintenance Pack 12 Overview
PeopleSoft Financials
Maintenance Pack-12
Cumulative Feature
Presentation Agenda
• Why apply Maintenance Packs?
• Overview of New Application Updates
• Common Challenges
Why Apply
Maintenance Packs
• Provides access to new functionality and applications updates
that can help keep us be better positioned to meet our business
• Leverage new and advanced functionality “out-of-the-box”
solution with lower maintenance
• Minimize cost of ownership through retiring customizations
• To stay current with PeopleSoft support
Overview of Application
Updates and Features
includes in this release
• Accounting Entries
– Chartfields are now copied from Parent to Child asset
– Depreciation entries corrected to balance by split-funded assets
– Depreciation Close now validates the accounting date correctly
• Leases
– Modified code to resolve rounding issue when a Leased Asset is
– Fix to update Lease Obligations correctly
• Interfaces
– Modified PO/AP/AM Interface so that the voucher updates the cost
of asset
• Reporting is enhanced
• KK Budget Checking
– Fixed encumbrance data after PO_REOPNE of a PO with previously
closed lines
– KK Liquidation missing valid PO distribution data
• KK Flat File Budg Jrnl Import
– Corrected issue with wrong header status after flat file import
• KK Budget Checking
KK Activity incorrect in KK_LIQUIDATIONS
• KK Budget Inquiry
Resolved error thrown when users click the Go to source inquiry
link in the Budgets Overview Activity Log
• Administration
– Self Service now displays all Invoices for a Supplier
• Usability
– Users are now able to see Attachments in the Review Invoice page
• Functionality
Fix the issue related to the Print Invoice button/link
• Approvals
– Fixed issue so that reassigned and resubmitted expense reports do
not skip the approval step
• Usability
– Users are now able to see Attachments in the Review Invoice page
• Functionality
User can now attach receipt images from a mobile device (iOS6) to
the header or line
– Corrected issue where budget status is incorrect for expense report
after the approver modifies the accounting defaults
General Ledger
• Journal Edit
– Fixed poor performance issue during Journal Edit
• Combo Edits
– Modified the Combo Rebuild process when master selector tables
need to be rebuilt during an edit
• Voucher Budget checking available for Single Pay
Vendors in batch process
• Voucher on Demand Processes feature improved
performance when waiting for process to be completed
• Voucher Inquiry scheduled payments link available for
paid vouchers
• Voucher Build and voucher save now updates Activity
Date on PO
• AP Withholding Post features improved performance
(runs faster)
Project Costing
• Interfaces
– Modified PC_CA_TO_PC process works properly when a reversal is
initiated for a revenue plan
– Modified the PC Pricing engine to not overwrite the
BI_DISTRIB_STATUS for unbillable source rows
– Modified the PC/AM integration processes to send the remaining
three PC fields: Resource Type, Resource Category, and Resource
• Direct Journal
– Modified code to not allow unbalanced deposits to be entered in the
Create Acct Entries page
• Combo Edits
– Corrected issue with Combo Edit not working for AR_Line in 9.1
General FSCM
• Direct Journal
– Modified code to not allow unbalanced deposits to be entered in the
Create Acct Entries page
• Journal Edit
– Modified process to improve poor performance issue
• Combo Edits
– Change made to build dynamic selector table when tree version
• Integration with HCM
– SpeedType Description now published to HCM
• KK Budget Checking
– SpeedType Description now published to HCM
Common Application
Update Challenges
• Inadequate timeframes to deploy
• Inadequate process analysis of human impacts of the
new technology
• Considerations for scalability and tuning
• Determination of sufficient Testing methodology and
risk management

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