SC ACCELERATE is: - Spartanburg Community College



SC ACCELERATE is: - Spartanburg Community College
Contact Information
A dult
C ollege
C ompletion
E -LE arning
R esources and
A cademic
T racks to
E mployment
Get Trained.
Get Hired.
Get Paid.
Adult Post-Secondary
Transition Center (APTC)
SCC Central Campus
107 Community College Drive
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Terhune Student Services Building
Suite 102
Accelerated Education
Leading to Successful Careers
Eduardo Chen
Program Manager
[email protected] | (864) 592-4368
Tameesha Curry
APTC Director
[email protected] | (864) 592-4372
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Do you need assistance
navigating through your
college experience?
We can help! Services Available:
Who is eligible for
• Trade Adjustment Assistance
(TAA) Individuals
• Veterans and spouses of active
duty military personnel
Targeted Programs:
• Mechatronics
• Machine Tool Technology
• Industrial Electronics
• Adults aged 25 and older. This
population may include:
- Unemployed Individuals
- Dislocated Workers
- Incumbent Workers
- Underemployed Individuals
The SC ACCELERATE Program (Adult College Completion through E-Learning Resources
and Academic Tracks to Employment) addresses business and industry’s challenge
in employing highly skilled, technologically competent employees. The purpose of
SC ACCELERATE is to expand educational and career pathways for adult learners,
preparing them for high-skill/high-demand occupations in South Carolina’s expanding
manufacturing sector.
• Guidance through the SCC
admissions process
• Assistance with the online
FAFSA application
• Assistance with academic and
career planning
• Advisement of redesigned
courses with e-learning
content (online)
• Prior learning credit
• Soft skills training
• One-on-one support to help
you make the most of your
SCC experience
Spartanburg Community College does not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin/ethnic origin
or disability in its admissions policies, programs, activities or
employment practices.