Bulletin - North Lexington Church of Christ


Bulletin - North Lexington Church of Christ
Privileged to Serve February 15
D E AC O N S :
Danny Brown
Terry Carter
David Crutchfield
JT Dunn
Dennis Faulkner
David Gardner
Paul Glenn
Dan Guffey
Jason McReynolds
Ken Morgan
Brandon Rader
Ron Ray
Bobby Ricks
Alan Robinson
Greg Simmons
Steve Johnson
Bart Rogers
Wickliff Moore
Ken Sturdivant
[email protected]
P R E AC H E R S :
Steve Johnson
[email protected]
Brian Egerton
[email protected]
S E C R E T AR Y :
Sarah Faulkner
[email protected]
Bible Study --- 9:30 am
Worship ----- 10:30 am
Worship ----- 6:00 pm
7:00 pm
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
2280 Hume Road, Lexington, KY 40516
Phone (859) 299-9511
Building Blocks Preschool
Meets every Tuesday
9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
September - May
“Laying the Right Foundation”
Last Sunday
Year Ago
Bible Study ....................... .218……....……233
AM Worship ....................... 300 .…………..277
PM Worship ....................... 153…….......... 155
Wednesday ....................... 189 …….........209
Contribution ................ $11,350 …......$10,012
Budget ........................ $12,995…........$13,220
Prepare Communion--------------------------------- Murphys
Collect Cards ---------- Ca. Crutchfield, B. Ray, J. Hanson
Ushers----------------- Jim Lewis, Aaron Whitt, J.T. Dunn
Hospital Baskets --------------- Sarah & Hannah Faulkner
Meal Coordinator --------------------------------- Denise Ray
Count Team --------------------------- Jack May, Chris Free
Song Leader ----------------------------------- David Gardner
Preside Lord’s Table -------------------------- Drew Trimble
Serve ---------------------------David Parsley, Randy Grow
Kendell Seaton, Bart Rogers, Andrew Rogers
Darrell Sebastian, Chris Juett, Nick Roberts
Scripture Reading ------------------------------ Jamie Alcorn
Opening Prayer ---------------------------------John Delpont
Announcements --------------------------------------Ron Ray
Closing Prayer ------------------------------------ Paul Glenn
A/V PC ---------------------------------------------- Nick Kinser
MAC --------------------------------------- Jason McReynolds
Attend Nursery -------- Stacy Murphy, Makenzie Murphy
Greeters ------------------ Kristina Trimble, Tammy Lewis
Song Leader -------------------------------------- Terry Carter
Opening Prayer ------------------------------- Gene McCarty
Scripture Reading --------------------------------- Jon Capps
Preside Lord’s Table ----------------- Jonathan Thompson
Serve ------------------------- Michael McVey, David Rader
Announcements --------------------------------------Ron Ray
Closing Prayer -------------------------------- Dave Simpson
A/V PC ------------------------------------------- Kalib Lindsey
Mac -------------------------------------------------- Nick Lowell
Greeters --------------------- Sabrina Rader, Ashley Ricks
WEDNESDAY, F ebrua ry 1 8
Song Leader ------------------------------------ Danny Brown
Invitation --------------------------------------- Greg Simmons
Announcements --------------------------------------Ron Ray
Closing Prayer ------------------------------- Rusty Lewis IV
A/V PC ---------------------------------------------- Paul Glenn
MAC ------------------------------------------ Dennis Faulkner
Greeters ------------------- Sue Taylor, Christene Fleming
Every Member
Every Task
Every Soul
Contact elder for February
Bart Rogers
Volume XLVII
Into all
the World
Campton, KY
Larry Shoemaker
Cynthiana, KY
Licking Valley
Dry Ridge, KY
(Grant County)
Jerry Carmichael
Frenchburg, KY
(Menifee County)
Randy Imel
Hawesville, KY
George Jensen
Jackson, KY
Virgil McIntosh
Apologetics Press
Montgomery, AL
Bear Valley Preacher Schools
Keith Kasarjian
Bible School of the Americas
Panama City, Panama
Calovebora, Panama
Silvestre Vasquez
Victor Jimines
Jose Rodriguez
Colon, Panama
Ica, Peru
Mission Trip
Latin America
Jack Farber
Sunday, February 22, 7:30 a.m.
WDKY-TV Cable Channel 7
No. 7
Gospel Meeting
March 5-8
North Lexington Church of Christ
“Improving Communication in the Family”
Thursday 7:00 PM
I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Friday 7:00 PM
Are You Listening?
Saturday 7:00 PM
Who Can Teach Me How To Communicate?
Sunday 9:30 AM
How Does a Family Work?
Sunday 10:30 AM
How Many Times Do I Have to Say the Same Thing?
Sunday 6:00 PM
How Can I Be Honest Without Getting into a Fuss?
There will be a meal provided by the congregation
following the Sunday morning service.
Panama Satellite Bible Schools
Simion Vasquez
El Salvador
.... ....
“Rejoice in the Lord”
February 15, 2015
John Kachelman
India, Myanmar
Louis & Bonnie Rushmore
Our Speaker
Jerrie Barber
Maury City, Tennessee
Prayer List
Tibby Beck
Betty Carpenter
Frank Carroll
Pearl Couch
Rhonda Juett
Bob Kirby
Charlene Lugger
Michael McVey
Phil Owens
Virginia Rice
Wayne Sebastian
Foster & Deloris Sword
Keith & Agatha Wallace
Alberta Yonts
Betty Beard [Holt]
Debbie Bowen [Logan]
Bobby Bradley [May]
Donna Cochran [Corman]
Wirt Cook [Warne]
Crystal Cooley [Onesi]
Kay Crawford [Bratcher]
Rachael Dutton [Sparks]
Rhodella Fleming [Fleming]
Janis Friend [Wall]
Melody Gibson [McReynolds]
Judy Gloy [Lewis]
Ron Higginbotham [Sturdivant]
Dennis Hogan [Taylor]
Tammy Hunt [Whitt]
Bertie Jeffries [Faulkner]
Carl Lamkin [Wilkerson]
Judi Lewis [Simpson]
Erica Lutes [Wise]
Gatlin Macer [Lowell]
Ken Marshall [Simpson]
Eula McGuire [Grow]
Charles Morris [Delpont]
Jon Morris [Wallace]
Gary Murphy [Simpson]
Jackie O’Donnell [Reilly]
Peggy Rice [Justice]
Deloris Rogers [Rogers]
John Rogers [Yonts]
Vicky Rogers [Rogers]
Kathy Russel [Sturdivant]
Bill Silvia [Ray]
Betty Jo Shearer [LaBuy]
Patsy Smith [Whitman]
Larry Spicer [Spicer]
Kathleen Stone [M. Wise]
Clyde Taylor [Allen]
Stephanie Trefz
Todd Walker
Daena Ward [Whitt]
Barbara Whitt [Whitt]
Michele Whitaker [Sturdivant]
Opal Williams [Whitt]
Calvin Wise [Wise]
Brianna Wright [Simpson]
R e m e m b e r i n P r ay e r
And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.
-Matthew 21:22
 Wick and Linda Moore continue to improve.
 Betty Carpenter is working with her doctor to regulate her blood
sugar, which has been dropping too low.
 Carolyn Simpson’s father was released from the hospital and is
much improved.
 Carolyn Simpson asks for continued prayers for her brother, Gary
Murphy, for strength to tolerate his chemotherapy treatments.
 Rusty Lewis requests prayers for Desiree Douglas as she deals
with cancer treatments, tests, and ongoing recovery.
 Elmer and Lois Jones ask for prayers for their friend, Kenny
Blackburn, of Pikeville.
 Dave Simpson requests prayers for his aunt, Geneva, who is 95
and in the nursing home.
 Charlie Beall asks for prayers for George Ann Earl. She is in the
hospital and her condition is serious.
 Teah McWhorter of BibleClassWorkshop.com is having health
issues and is in need of prayers.
 Sean LaBuy reports that Betty Jo Shearer has been moved to
Cardinal Hill. Please continue to pray for her recovery.
 Sarah Faulkner’s uncle and aunt, Bill and Bertha Jeffries, have
been moved to a rehab center. She and the family thank you for your
continued prayers.
I n S y m p a t hy
We offer our condolences to Gene
McCarty whose aunt, Edna Driskell, passed
away at the age of 97. Her funeral was
conducted on this past Monday.
Po tter Ch ild re n ’s H o me
Our congregation has been asked to
provide the following items, to be picked up the
week of April 12-17. There are containers in the
coat closet for you to fill up. Please give
monetary donations to Ken Morgan or J.T. Dunn.
Bleu Cheese Dressing
Canned Whole Potatoes
Disposable Rubber Gloves
Paper Towels
Gallon Size Freezer Bags
Liquid Dish Soap (e.g. Dawn)
Medium Salsa
$15 for perishable items
L o o ki n g A h e a d
TODAY - Congregational Potluck - Team 4 Host
MONDAY - Host Area-Wide Youth Rally - 7:00 PM
TUESDAY - Men’s Chinese Take-Out & Bible Study - 6:30 PM - MPR
FRIDAY - Agape Group - 11:00 AM - MPR
February 22 - Pearls Test - 4:45 PM - Room 109
February 22 - Welcome to the Nest Shower for Kinley Ray - after evening services
February 24 - Singing at Sayre Christian Village - 6:45 PM
February 25 - Bible Bowl Test - 6:40 PM - Rooms 108 and 113
 Those planning to go to CYC will meet at the building at 9:30 AM on Friday, February 27th.
Pick-up on Sunday afternoon will be approximately 3:30 PM. Please see Brian Egerton for
letters for school absence.
 Two volunteers are needed on Tuesdays for the Building Blocks Preschool Program. If you
can assist, please sign up on the sheet posted in the foyer.
 If you can take some time to stay with an ill person, a shut-in, or a recuperating Christian
brother or sister, please sign up on the list on the Seniors Bulletin Board. See Randy Grow
if you have any questions.
P u p p e t Te a m S c h e d u l e
4th Grade Team - 2:00-3:00 PM
7th Grade Team - 3:15-4:15 PM
12th Grade Team - 4:30-5:30 PM
Yo u t h R a l ly
Our congregation will be hosting the Central Kentucky Monday Night
Youth Rally on February 16th. Please pray for this endeavor, support it by
attending, and check the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board to see if you
can provide some of the food items needed. Please have the food here
before Monday morning.
T h a n k Yo u
Thank you for everyone’s prayers as we grieve the loss of Aaron’s
brother, David Paul Collett.
Aaron & Cally Whitt
Thank you to all who helped make our 25th anniversary truly special. The
day was absolutely perfect! We are truly blessed to have such a loving and
caring church family.
Chris and Rhonda Juett
Pantry Items Needed
Canned Pears
1 pound canned ham
Canned Whole Potatoes