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Cambridge International Examinations Info
May/June 2015
Entry Requirements and Procedures
You need to submit the following:
1. IGCSE/GCE Registration Form.
2. Registration fees (payment in cash).
3. A photocopy of your valid passport.
4. Two recent coloured passport size photographs.
5. No Objection Certificate from the School Principal (if registering for subjects not part of your school
You can only register at one centre. The British Council is not responsible for any clash in timetable that
may occur as a result of registering at more than one centre.
Special Arrangements and Special Needs
Special arrangements are made to allow candidates with substantial and long-term disabilities gain access to the
examination and to demonstrate their attainment in the best possible examinations conditions. Special
arrangements for extra time allowance, the provision of specially adapted papers, assistance with reading or writing
etc must be mentioned clearly in the registration form or ask British Council Customer Services desk for more
Statement of Entry
The final Statement of Entry, CIE Notice to Candidates, Examinations Venue letter will be available for collection at
least three weeks before the commencement of your exam. Late entry candidates will need to collect their
Statement of Entries from British Council Customer Services personally.
Examination Result and Collection of Certificates
A copy of online Provisional results can be collected from the British Council Customer Services on 11 August
2015. Final Statements of Results for June 2015 session will be available by end of August 2015. Certificates can
be collected from the British Council Customer Services at the end of October 2015.
Registration Type
Registration dates
Qualification Level
Regular Entries
18 Jan – 12 Feb 2015
& A Levels
Refer to subject fee list
1 Level Penalty Entries
22 Feb – 12 Mar 2015
& A Levels
SAR 300/ +
Regular subject fee
22 Mar – 30 Mar 2015
& A Levels
SAR 570/ +
Regular subject fee
5 Apr – 9 Apr 2015
& A Levels
SAR 835/ +
Regular subject fee
Level Penalty Entries
3 Level Penalty Entries
Name /DOB Amendments
Exam Fees
SAR 100/- per amendment
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A step by step CIE June 2015 Exams process guide
Candidate receives Exam Registration information
(School, office, website, telephone)
Candidate fills in registration form and submits it to the British
Council before the entry closing date
Registration Confirmation
Candidate receives the Provisional Statement of Entry and Payment
receipt at the time of registration
British Council sends e-mail about Statement of Entry
Candidate receives the original Statement of Entry, Exam Venue details,
CIE Notice to the Candidates and the Oral/Practical Exams details at least
three weeks before the start of written exams
Candidate takes Oral Exams
The Oral exams will be held in March/ April 2015. Please see the
Statement of Entry for further details.
Written Exams take place as per the Exam Timetable
Candidates must bring valid ID and original Statement of Entry to the
Exams Venue and report at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam.
After the exam, Exams Services return all exam papers to
the CIE for marking
This also includes amendments to candidate's names, Special
Considerations or Notification of special circumstances.
British Council receives provisional Statements of
Results from Cambridge and immediately informs to the
candidates by end of August 2015
Enquiries about Results
Candidates submit their requests for recheck/remark enquiries about
provisional results.
Cambridge sends Certificates to the British Council
Candidate collects the original Certificates from the
British Council end of October 2015
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