2015 - Poet Technologies


2015 - Poet Technologies
POET Technologies
Enabling the Future of Semiconductors
Corporate Presentation
February 2015
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POET - Planar Opto-Electronic
Revolutionary III-V (gallium arsenide–GaAs) semiconductor
process technology used to build electrical, optical and
electro-optical integrated circuits (ICs)
§  Up to 10x application performance gains over silicon
§  Up to 90% application power savings over silicon
§  Enables complementary logic in GaAs – never before realized in
the industry
§  Enables innovation with fully integrated analog, mixed signal,
digital and optical components on a single die
§  Easy industry adoption
§  Actively in discussion with the industry
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Technology IP and
Corporate Overview
§  Dr. Geoff Taylor has dedicated many years towards development
of gallium arsenide semiconductor technology
§  Granted 34 patents, 7 additional patents pending and
significant process expertise
§  Publicly listed:
§  TSX Venture Exchange (Canada) – “PTK”
§  OTC QX (US) – “POETF”
§  Fully SEC Compliant (20-F)
§  Company locations:
§  Lab facilities - Storrs, Connecticut
§  Head office - Toronto, Canada
§  Industry relations office - San Jose, California
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Application Examples
Processors and SoCs
A4 in POET
§  A4 45-nm chip fabricated with POET process could
match the performance of A8 fabricated in 20-nm
A8 in 20-nm
§  One chip solution for RF-to-bits and bits-to-RF
§  One chip IoT solution with analog and RF front-end
plus microcontroller and energy harvester
§  Enabling processor designs at > 10GHz and 50+%
power saving
Data Centers §  Memory structures for NVRAM, SRAM and DRAM
§  100G Ethernet switch with integrated Optics
40G CFP Optical Transceiver
§  Lowering BOM part count in optical transceivers
and lowering manufacturing costs
§  VCSELs, 2D VCSEL arrays with integrated drivers
§  High speed tunable lasers with integrated drivers
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The Industry Problem
Silicon node migration is hitting
physical barriers:
§  Silicon clock frequency is flattening
§  Power is flattening out with silicon
§  Performance is flattening with
§  Chip tapeout “Non Recurring
Engineering” (NRE) costs are
escalating geometrically with node
§  Investment costs to keep up with
performance demands are
increasingly high
§  Only a few fab vendors can keep up
Source: Herb Sutter, “The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency
in Software” , Dr. Dobb’s Journal, 30(3), March 2005 (graph updated in 2009)
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015
POET’s Solution
GaAs transistors perform over 5x better than Si based transistors at the same node
§  Projected to be 3-4 node jump in technology
§  GaAs material make excellent photonic devices and better analog circuits
Integrate novel and disruptive capabilities to semiconductors
§  First GaAs process technology to support integrated HFETs and HBTs
(complementary logic)
-  New GaAs p and n HFET devices
-  New GaAs p and n HBT devices
§  Supports concurrent fabrication of fully integrated electrical and optical circuit
-  New GaAs Optical Thyristor device
POET has been designed to function in existing silicon computing environment
§  Migrate into devices, starting with CMOS, opto-electronic interfaces, memory and
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015
End Use Markets
Integrated Circuit (IC) Market - 2015 Forecast
Semiconductor Design Total Available Market over $300 billions
$< 3
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015
Easy Industry Adoption
Assembly &
§  Enabling industry standard Synopsys design tool flow
Manufacturing and Testing
§  Supports existing manufacturing and testing
§  Supports existing silicon CMOS fabrication procedures
lowering Capex
Performance and Integration
§  50 to 90% solution power savings lowers Opex
§  Integration lowers manufacturing costs
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015
Monetization of Technology
Non Recurring Engineering Fees (NRE)
§ Direct Foundry
§ Foundry Design Kits
§ Exclusive Rights by Markets
Royalties on POET enabled device shipments
Revenue and industry partnerships expected in 2015
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015
Achieved Technical Milestones
Technical Achievement!
Integrated Pulsed Laser"
General purpose laser for on-chip use."
p and n channel Complementary Heterostructure Field
Effect Transistor Validation1"
High performance, power efficient transistors. World’s first complementary GaAs
Continuous Wave Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
High density laser design for surface-emitting applications (e.g. chip-to-chip in
stacked-die array)."
n-channel and p-channel Complementary
Heterostructure Field Effect Transistor Radio Frequency
Demonstrating radio frequency and microwave performance of revolutionary
complementary HFETs."
3/4 Terminal Switching Laser Demonstration"
High quality pulsed laser type for critical signal propagation (e.g. clocks, optical
line signaling)."
Complementary Heterostructure Field Effect Transistorbased Inverter/Oscillator Demonstration"
Complementary HFET-based ring oscillator (standard circuit configuration used
to demonstrate process performance)."
Optical Thyristor-based Infrared Detector Array
Fabrication and Validation1"
An array of optical thyristors configured as infrared detectors."
Demonstration of 100 nm or below PET n- and pchannel device"
Demonstration of p and n type HFETs and BJTs at sub-100 nm feature size."
Performance optimization phase on-going."
POET TDK (Technical Design Kit) Documentation"
Full POET platform TDK documentation release."
Note 1: Milestones noted above were accomplished with a 3rd party fab partner, an international defense services company that is a global leader in military
electronic systems design, development, manufacturing and integration. The 3rd party partner has world-class GaAs research facilities and has numerous
PhD researchers. POET’s partnership has successfully reproduced the POET technology as published, by producing and testing the critical electrical
elements of POET Platform sub-process steps for transistors.
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015
Technical Roadmap
Milestone Timeframe* Q1-­‐15 Technical Milestone PET Founda+on PDK (Process Design Kit) targe+ng 40nm (V 1.0) COMPLETED 3rd Party Foundry 40/100nm transfer Defini4ons Design rules and parameters library models for PET process. Devices include complementary HFET and HBT transistor and a thyristor with both op+cal and electrical opera+on. Bring up cri+cal layers manufacturing capability in external foundry. Accelerates comple+on of development and op+miza+on learning cycles on 100 and 40nm structures. Also enables more complex test structures. Q1-­‐15 Electrical 100nm ring oscillator Demonstra+on vehicle for high speed performance and power at 100nm process node. Reference standard to compare to Silicon CMOS. Q1-­‐15 50 GHz VCSEL 50 GHz DWDM (dense wavelength division mul+plexing) ver+cal cavity laser device Milestone Timeframe* 2015 Capability Development!
Roadmap Definitions!
PET PDK v2.0 Adds mixed signal and I/O capability Adds high frequency low noise devices for analog and 2.5V HEMTs for electrical I/O to the PET PDK. Update PDK with new devices and calibra+on. Op+cal On-­‐Chip Signal Distribu+on Components Develop and successful demonstra+on of individual components necessary to build WDM op+cal distribu+on and conversion from E-­‐O and O-­‐E. SRAM Structure Develop and successful demonstra+on of 2T thyristor-­‐based bit cell, read and write amps. Goal of layout density greater than equivalent CMOS bit cell at same node. Demonstra+on Digital Cell Library Create basic set of digital cells suitable for trial SoC block post layout performance evalua+on. * Note: Please see Milestone Disclaimer
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015
Management Team
Peter Copetti
Exec. Co-Chairman & Interim
Ajit Manocha
Exec. Co-Chairman
Dr. Geoffrey Taylor
Chief Scientist
§  Chief architect and strategist of POET transformation
§  Leading POET’s resurgence and monetization activities
§  Capital markets expertise
§  Most recently CEO of GlobalFoundries (second largest semiconductor foundry
in the world with multi-billions $US revenues)
§  35 years of semiconductor industry experience with deep knowledge of the
technology and operations
§  Technology and IP generation pioneer and world renowned expert in GaAs and
inventor of the POET platform
§  POET technology development for over 20 years
Daniel DeSimone
§  30+ years of semiconductor development and fabrication experience
§  Responsible for process IP product development
Stephane Gagnon
§  20+ years of semiconductor and telecom management experience §  Responsible for overall operations and business development
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Operating Officer
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015
POET – Ready at the Right Time
POET will provide much needed performance and power correction to the
semiconductor industry
§  POET offers a III-V process with up to 10x performance gains
§  POET low voltage operation enables up to a 90% application power savings
POET enables new innovations
§  Integration of analog, digital and optical devices on the same chip will lead to new
innovative products and device consolidation never before possible
POET enables system cost savings
§  Device consolidation will lower manufacturing costs at the module and system level
§  POET will enable an order of magnitude lower system OPEX due to power savings
© 2015 POET Technologies Inc. – Confidential Corporate Presentation February 2015