Our vision, mission and goals


Our vision, mission and goals
Our vision, mission and goals
A message from John Wendling, CEO, Magellan Behavioral Health of Nebraska
As we enter a new year, we are looking to shape our future and clarify our direction with
our vision, mission and goals. What is our key objective?
Looking toward the future: Our vision
We will transform the healthcare delivery model into an innovative, interconnected
collaboration of members, providers, community-based organizations and Magellan. We will
ensure that high-quality outcomes, access to care, positive consumer experience and being
responsible fiscal stewards for Nebraska taxpayers are the first priorities.
This collaborative approach may require us to change the way we deliver services to our
members. The purpose for this change is to establish high-quality outcomes in a low-cost
service model.
Innovation with experience: Our mission
To provide transparent access to high-quality healthcare services, ensuring our
members receive person-centered care.
To maximize our experience, knowledge and relationships as a provider-driven
organization that incentivizes for quality care delivery.
To act first and always with respect, integrity and excellence in our actions and
The way we operate: Our goals
We recognize that access to care, quality and the cost of care can be balanced only by
meeting the unique needs of the population. The private and public sectors are not
“populations”; they are payer groups. Healthcare has historically engineered solutions to fit
the payment model (Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial) instead of the consumer.
There is a need to build delivery systems that achieve the Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services (CMS) adoption of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Triple
The Triple Aim goal is to accomplish the following:
 Improve the health of the population
 Enhance the consumer experience (including quality, access and reliability)
 Reduce, or control, the per capita cost of care
Our objective is to “lead the transformation of healthcare” by employing the model of care
that is focused on health rather than [just] the disease. Within our organization and
1—Magellan Behavioral Health of Nebraska/MagellanofNebraska.com
collaboration of our provider and community partners, we believe the IHI Triple Aim will
help us frame our work and focus outcome discussions on measures that matter in the three
realms of health, experience and cost.
This approach will incorporate the following objectives:
 A model designed to move individuals to the most appropriate setting
 Infrastructure that is health-focused and anticipates consumer needs
 Integrated care for individuals with physical and behavioral conditions and a focus on
the interrelationship between them
 A single-point of contact for the member that will coordinate a comprehensive,
integrated care plan and assist the member to identify appropriate resources, services,
education and compliance.
For more information, please contact me at 402-440-0093 or at
[email protected].
2—Magellan Behavioral Health of Nebraska/MagellanofNebraska.com