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Newsletter - Lucknow Primary School
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Coming to school every day is vital, but if for any
reason your child must miss school, speak with your
classroom teacher and find out what work your child
needs to do to keep up.
Friday 27th
Division Swimming back-up Day.
Special Friends Morning Tea.
Monday 2nd
Parent/ Teacher Interviews.
Tuesday 3rd
Division Tennis.
Parent/ Teacher Interviews.
Punctuality is also very important!
Wednesday 4th
Thursday 5th
Monday 9th
Thursday 12
Grade 3/4 Hockey Clinic.
Junior School Rewards Day.
Student Banking.
Anne Cross to visit Grade 6s.
Public Holiday.
Regional Swimming Carnival.
Anne Cross to visit Grade 5s.
Student Banking.
Friday 13th
Division Tennis back-up Day.
Thursday 19th
Anne Cross to visit Grade 5s.
Student Banking.
Division Golf Lakes Entrance.
Friday 20th
Fax: 5152 1792
Date: 26.02.15
Being on time:
Principal Team Report
Student Attendance - Every Day Counts
gets your child’s day off to a good start and
puts children in a positive frame of mind, so
that they can make the most of their learning
sets positive patterns for the future. We can't
expect to keep a job if we're always coming
in late;
leads to a good attendance record and
means children don’t miss important morning
notices and instructions;
leads to better achievement because children
attend class for the WHOLE day;
leads to understanding that school is
important and education is valuable;
helps your child develop a sense of
demonstrates respect for the teacher and
The line up music starts at 8:45am. This is the signal
for all children to be ready to enter class when their
teacher asks them to. Classes commence at 8:50
am sharp. Children who arrive late to school are
asked to report to the office before they go to
class to ensure their attendance is recorded
We all want our students at Lucknow to get a great
education, and the building blocks for a great
education begin with students coming to school on
time each and every day.
Missing school can have a major impact on a child’s
future – a student missing one day a fortnight will
miss four full weeks by the end of the year. By Year
10 they’ll have missed more than a year of school.
School Swimming
There is no safe number of days for missing school –
each day a student misses puts them behind, and
can affect their educational outcomes.
It was a pleasure to attend the District Swimming
Sports on Wednesday and spend some time getting
to know what our students are capable of beyond the
classroom. It was also a great pleasure to chat with
the parents and family members who came along to
support our swimmers. Our students represented our
school in a positive manner throughout the day by
doing their very best both in and out of the water.
We are very proud of them all. Congratulations to
those who progressed to the regional competition in
Sale. We wish you all the best. Thank you to all the
parents and family members who came along to offer
their support and assist with transport and a range of
jobs on the day. A big congratulations must also go
to Mrs Dooley for organizing a very successful day.
International research demonstrates a strong
correlation between students' learning, longer-term
life outcomes, attendance at school and appropriate
participation in education programs.
It is crucial that our students develop habits of
regular punctual attendance at an early age.
Poor patterns of attendance and punctuality place
students at risk of not achieving their educational,
social and psychological potential and are
disadvantaged in the quality of choices they are able
to make in later life situations.
Lucknow Values – Respect: Care: Honesty: Inclusiveness: Commitment
respectful member of our grade, with fantastic
listening skills. Well done Amber.
Belle Curtis - for being a kind, considerate class
member who always completes tasks to the best
of her ability.
Tyson Pearson-Young - for making a fabulous
effort to finish all of his work. You have made a
great start to the year well done!
Thank you Gary Johnston
We would like to thank Gary Johnston for his
generosity in supporting the monthly awesome
assembly award. Recipients of the award will receive
a voucher for a delicious gelato!
Classroom News
Student of the Week
Ben Chatwood - for displaying brilliant
concentration, application to work and for being a
terrific kid!!!
Kade Beane – for always striving to do his best in
all work tasks. Well done
Bella Makings - for being an incredibly kind class
member who takes it upon herself to help others
out whenever she can, you are an absolute
delight to have in our class!
Tom Watts - for his excellent maths thinking. You
are explaining how you figure thing out so well.
Keep it up Tom!
Leah Calvert - for her determination and ‘you can
do it’ attitude. She wrote heaps about her
favourite family holiday and did it all by herself!
Well done Leah, keep up the great attitude!
Kyra McWilliams - for your enthusiasm in all that
you do. Your bubbly personality and beaming
smile are contagious.
Lily Virgo – for working hard and improving her
Ciara Drager and Arabel Williams - for their
excellent efforts in home reading! They have
already reached 25 nights! Keep up the great
Mitchell Johnson - for his willingness to give all
tasks a go and his terrific handwriting which is
sitting perfectly on the dotted thirds.
Nick Sweetman - for being a happy and positive
student during reading groups. Great attitude
Tahlia Hood – excellent progress so far this term
Tahlia, it’s great to see your responsible
behaviour in the classroom and playground. Well
Cooper Howell – for being a sharing friend.
Amber Trevaskis - for showing that she is a really
Claire James - the presentation of her work and
her commitment to all of her learning is
outstanding – a great role model for all!
Jai Rykers- move over Peter Mitchell and
welcome Jai Rykers to news reading and
reporting. Sensational interview with Dad. Both
were inspirational.
Noah Chambers - for making better choices in
class and showing a great commitment to his
work- even staying in at lunch to work on his
Phillip Pendergast – for consistently contributing
to and enriching classroom discussions.
Riley Jervis – For setting himself high standards
and working hard to achieving them.
Ivy Sproule- your written piece this week about a
trapped child was well crafted and created strong
imagery in the minds of your audience. Well
Junior Community Rotary Award
Information Session for Parents and
Students in Grade 6
On Tuesday 10thth of March at 3.30 pm we are
holding an information session in SMH classroom to
outline the Rotary Awards program and the
suggested skills and types of activities that children
can participate in.
We strongly encourage children to participate in this
program as it develops new skills and increases their
participation and awareness of their community.
The cost of the registration is $5.00 and this covers
the cost of the diary that the children record their
activities in. It also has valuable information in it in
case you forget what each area entails.
This is a most worthy program that is available only
to grade 6 students.
Meredith Horman
Fitness Fanatics Update
Number of participants –Tuesday – 36
Wednesday – 25
Distance ran and/or walked- Tuesday – 41km
Wednesday – 42.5km
New members of the 10km club – Abby Nolan,
Brooklyn Reid, Sarah Stobo
New members of the 20km club – Hunter Nichols
New members of the 30km club – Dani Alexander
New members of the 120km club – Monika Atkinson
Debbie Dooley - Fitness Fanatic
Lucknow Values – Respect: Care: Honesty: Inclusiveness: Commitment
back up the track. The 11 and 12 year olds will then
follow the track near the football oval again and
complete the large oval again. They will follow the
track near the football oval for a third time until they
get to the line of trees that separate the football oval
from the large oval. The finish line will be at the end
of the line of trees. The order of racing for the
second session will be as follows – 12y.o boys, 12y.o
girls, 11y.o boys, 11y.o girls, 10y.o boys, 10y.o girls,
9y.o boys, 9y.o girls.
Premier’s Active April
Registrations are now open for Premier’s Active April.
This program encourages all Victorians to do 30
minutes of physical activity a day during April. It’s
free, it’s fun and it’s part of the Victorian
Government’s commitment to get more people active
and healthy.
Use the online Activity Tracker to log your daily
activity and track your progress throughout the
month. Plus, you can create and join teams, compare
the progress of team members, discover events near
you and win awesome prizes!
During the next 3 weeks children in all grades will
the opportunity to walk and run through their
courses during Phys Ed sessions and we will also be
doing extra training at school as lead up to the Cross
Country. It would also be extremely beneficial if
children could do some extra running at home as
training for the Cross Country.
Just by registering every participant gets:
10 free YMCA passes;
15% off at Sportsmart in store;
Online one hour free tennis court hire at
Melbourne Park or Albert Reserve;
a 2 for 1 ticket offer to SEA LIFE Melbourne
a chance to win some great prizes including
four tickets to the 2015 Toyota AFL Grand
Final (GFAFL15/12), a $1,500 bike voucher
or a GoPro Camera and
The first 6 children who cross the finish line in the
10, 11 and 12 year old age groups and the children
who place 1st and 2nd in the 9 year old age group will
have the opportunity to represent the School at the
Divisional Cross Country being held at Nagle College
on Monday the 18th of May.
Parents are more than welcome to come and
encourage and support children on the day.
a chance to win Sportsmart vouchers and
coaching clinics at your school with highprofile athletes
Children will receive ribbons for placing 1st, 2nd and
3rd in their age groups and children will also receive
house points for participating in the Cross Country.
Register today at
Children will receive 30 points for placing 1st, 20
points for placing 2nd and 10 points for placing 3rd. All
other children will receive a well done ribbon and 5
points for participating in the Cross Country.
School Cross Country
The School cross country will be held on Friday the
27th of March. Children who are in the 5/6/7 and 8
year old age groups will run their course between
9.00am and 10.20am and children who are in the
9/10/11 and 12 year old age groups will run their
course between 10.50am and 12.50pm.
We look forward to a fun filled day.
Debbie Dooley - Physical Education Coordinator
Division Swimming Sports
Please note – Children’s age groups are determined
by the age they are turning this year.
Congratulations to all children who competed at the
Division Swimming Sports on Wednesday the 25th of
February at the Bairnsdale Outdoor Pool. We were
extremely proud of all children’s efforts on the day
and we had some very exciting results. A special
thank-you to our principal and team manager for the
day, Marcus Batt, who ensured that all children got
to their events. Thank-you to Myles Nichols and Mel
Tarling who assisted with official jobs on the day.
Thank you to all parents and friends who attended
and encouraged our children to the finish.
Children who are in the 5/6/7 and 8 year old age
groups will complete a course that will incorporate
the large oval near the school car park and the
football oval. Their finish line will be at the end of the
line of trees that separate the large oval from the
football oval. The order of racing for the first session
will be as follows – 8y.o boys, 8y.o girls, 7y.o boys,
7y.o girls, 5/6y.o boys, 5/6y.o girls.
Children who are in the 9 and 10 year old age groups
will complete a course that is approximately 2kms in
length. Their course will start on the track near the
football oval and follow it around to complete the
large oval. They will then go on a loop around ‘Hacks
Track’ that will go past the rotunda and across the 2
small foot bridges before returning back up the track.
The 9 and 10 year olds will then follow the track near
the football oval again until they get to the line of
trees that separate the football oval from the large
oval. The finish line will be at the end of the line of
As a result of placing first, second or third in their
individual event or first or second in relay events the
following children will now have the opportunity to
represent our Division at the Regional Swimming
Sports. This event will be held at the Sale Swimming
Pool on Thursday the 12th of March.
12y.o girls –
Hayley Stevenson – Freestyle, Butterfly
12y.o boys –
Dallas Smith – Freestyle, Backstoke
11 y.o boys –
Children who are in the 11 and 12 year old age
groups will complete a course that is approximately
3kms in length. Their course will start on the track
near the football oval and follow it around to
complete the large oval. They will then go on a loop
around ‘Hacks Track’ that will go past the rotunda
and across the 2 small foot bridges before returning
Jack Armstrong – Breaststoke, Butterfly, Freestyle
Jai Nicholls – Freestyle, Breaststoke, Freestyle Relay
Jordan Johnston – Backstroke, Freestyle Relay
Sam Brown – Freestyle Relay
Lucknow Values – Respect: Care: Honesty: Inclusiveness: Commitment
9/10 y.o girls –
Autism Advocacy, Planning & Support) on 0408 013
555 or email [email protected] for more
Wren Walker – Breaststoke
Celeste Ellis – Backstroke
East Gippsland Autism Spectrum Disorder
Support Group
We wish our talented swimmers all the best at the
Regional Swimming Championships and we look
forward to hearing a full report after the event.
Debbie Dooley - Phys Ed Co-ordinator
For people who want to know more about autism
spectrum differences. We meet at Uniting Care
Gippsland, 49 McCulloch St (cnr Macleod St)
All welcome: Next meeting – March 13th from
10:00am – 12:00noon
School hat with logo and has Kane Whittingham on
it. Please return to office.
Contact Julie 0408 013 555
[email protected] or
Rose 51 529 600 [email protected]
Parents & Friends Group
Lindenow Junior Football Club
School photo day is on Monday 23rd March, we
love our kids to look neat, tidy and clean for their
photo, so to help the photographer achieve the best
results possible, we need volunteers to help out on
the day, to keep the kids happy and make any
necessary adjustments prior to their perfect pic. If
you can spare an hour (anytime between 9am 2.30pm) to help us help the photographer please
contact Sarah Drager 0401 576 361 or Lisa Roseman
0419 099 769. THANKS
Training Starts this Thursday 26th Feb for all U12 and
U14 players 5-6pm at home grounds
Easter egg raffle we are organizing our annual
Easter raffle which will be drawn just before the end
of term 1 and we need donations please. We ask that
each family donate an Egg, chocolates or any other
related Easter gifts eg: Easter baskets, soft toy
bunnies, colored cellophane etc. Please hand your
donations to your child’s teacher before Wednesday
25th March. Raffle tickets will be given out next week.
Thankyou for your participation.
Bairnsdale Hockey Club
Registration day will be on Thursday 5th March 4.30
to 6.30 pm
All new families are welcome.
Registrations fee $80.00 per player
Registrations need to be made online at the
Lindenow Football & Netball website.
Contact Jodie Crane 0419 339 373
If you’re interested in playing hockey come join
Bairnsdale hockey club.
We play within East Gippsland Hockey Association
playing no further afield than Orbost and Sale.
Strong family based club always looking for new and
experienced players for all age group.
Our season goes from April to September and it’s a
great way to get to know people, get fit and stay
active throughout winter.
Zooper dooper Friday! Kids can purchase a zooper
dooper for 50 cents every Friday lunchtime from the
Alfred Howitt Hall. Limit of 2 icy poles per child! We
often need helpers at lunchtime to help, if you can
spare time to help please contact Erryn Williams
0407 166 611.
W.O.R.L.D Centre - Wallace Street Bairnsdale
REGO NIGHT- 11th March 4:00 til 7:00
TRAINING – Wednesdays 4:00 til 6:00
Community News
PLAYING - Saturdays u/11
Bairnsdale Junior Football Registration
9:00 am through til
Opens 2:30
When: March 1st 2015
Where: Bairnsdale City Oval
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Who: Under 10, 12 & 14s
Cost: $85.00 per players
All players need an email address to
Autism Social Participant (ASP)
Dinner Group
This group is for adults on the autism
spectrum or living with the spectrum &
parents of children with an autism
When: 12th March – The Main Hotel, 270
Main Street Bairnsdale 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Contact Julie from GAAP&S (Gippsland
Lucknow Values – Respect: Care: Honesty: Inclusiveness: Commitment