iDISPLAY Tablets


iDISPLAY Tablets
iDISPLAY Tablets
Interactive Digital Displays
Digital displays and interactive tablets serve to educate customers about a retailer’s latest products,
guests about their hotel’s services or employees about their company’s most recent events, while
ensuring that messaging across the various communication channels and multiple locations remains
current, consistent and most importantly, personalized. Operating on Android OS, iDisplay™ provides a
broad portfolio of tablets that run looping and static marketing media as well as various content
applications that attract, engage and inform your customers on your products & services.
Auto Play
Auto Power
Password Protected
Data Capture & Analytics
Tablet Features
•Sizes: 7”, 10”, 15”, 18”, 21”
•Lightweight design •Multi-touch screen
•Versatile display options
Moki** with Pulse
Business Applications
Tablet Administrator & MDM
(Mobile Device Management)
for cloud based device
management, security
and analytics
Multiple ports and peripheral
options to expand display
functionality for target
marketing, mobile POS and
consumer engagement metrics
**subscription based
*3G pending carrier compatibility/availability.
iDISPLAY™ - interactive integrated touch displays that transform your business and position the consumer
at the center of your brand experience.
Counter stands, floor stands, wall, shelf and table brackets
Modem & USB dongle
Mobile broad band internet connectivity & GPS for
location based advertising and device tracking
For more information about iDISPLAY™ Tablets please
visit our website:
Screen Orientation
Tablets operate in both portrait and
landscape modes to deliver a host of
unique consumer experiences

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