File - Digital Literacy


File - Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy
Gr: 8
Room: 355
Teacher: Ms. Lowery
Date: Thursday March 5, 2015
Today’s Assignments
1. The first thing we are doing today is reading 2 articles
regarding Internet Piracy. Read article 1 first, and then read
article 2.
2. After you have read both articles please answer the
following questions and email them to me as an
a) What is internet piracy? How do you feel about internet
b) Do you think it’s possible to prevent piracy sites from
being on the World Wide Web? Why or why not?
c) Have you ever visited a piracy site? If so which ones?
d) Do you frequent paid sites or piracy sites more? Why or
why not?
e) Who do you think piracy hurts? Do you believe it to be a
moral issue?
f) Do you believe that file sharing is wrong or good? Why
or why not?
g) Why does the recording industry believe that piracy is an
3. After you have read both articles and answered the
questions above, you will be writing a comparative
paragraph where you explain both articles, compare them,
and talk about the contrasts.