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Bro Enlli - St Hywyn`s Church Aberdaron
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Yr Offeren Sanctaidd / Holy Eucharist [bilingual]
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Bro Enlli
Mawrth March 2015
Aberdaron Enlli Llanbedrog Llanengan Llanfaelrhys Llangian Llannor
Midweek Worship
Llanbedrog Holy Eucharist
Aberdaron Pilgrim Eucharist [bilingual]
Aberdaron Silent Prayer [30 minutes]
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7pm Meditation and Compline every Wednesday Llanbedrog
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Maundy Thursday 6pm Yr Offeren Sanctaidd Llanbedrog
Maundy Thursday 7pm Yr Offeren Sanctaidd Aberdaron
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Holy Saturday 8pm
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8 am Llanbedrog 9am Llanengan
Easter Day
10:15 Llangian 10am Llanbedrog & Aberdaron
Easter Day
2pm Llanfaelrhys 6pm Llangian
“Byddwch lawen, cadwch y ffydd,
a gwnewch y pethau bychain.”
“Be Joyful, keep the faith
and do the little things.”
Children and Young Families
It has been a busy start to the year and we have much more to
look forward to. With so many churches beginning to work
alongside children, young people and families we are delighted
that a national conference called ‘A Church for Everyone –
Eglwys i Bawb’ is coming to the Archdeaconry.
Saturday 18th April in Ysgol Moelwn, Blaenau Ffestiniog
10am - 4pm. The day will explore what it is to create and be a
church that all ages can be involved in. Lunch is included in the
cost of the day if you book before 11th April. £15 per person.
We also have our Diocesan Camps running this year.
28th – 31st July. There will be posters in your church with more
information. For those aged between 8 and 11 it is 4 days of
camping – games, trampolines, dam building, camp fires,
worship and learning. Some churches have held fund-raising
events so that it doesn’t cost the families anything – what could
yours do? There is also a Family Camp from the 2-6th August.
One more date to share is the 9th of May when the Diocesan Fun
Day is being held at Y Plas, Machynlleth. Please do make an
effort to travel and join in the fun. We would like all the churches
to provide a stall/activity of some sort. Perhaps we could
organise a bus from the Ministry Area joint with Bro Madryn for
those who would like to go?
Naomi Wood [CYFME] 01758 720707
[email protected]
The bells rang out on VE Day in 1945 and then lay silent for
over 50 years !
That was when I was invited by Richard Payne to get
involved in restoring the bells in 1997.
Richard had
inspected the tower in the winter months and found the
bells to be in a very poor condition; farm ropes and chains
had been attached so they could only be chimed.
We set about repairing the bells with proper rope and
sallies, also fitting new stays to prevent more damage,
which then allowed for full circle ringing. Only Porthmadog
and Llanbedrog can do this on the Llyn Peninsula!
All of this, was taking place just over a 100 years after the
bells were first installed in the newly built tower in 1895.
The toll bell goes back another 100 years, being cast in
Llanbedrog in 1791. In 2003 two new bells were re-hung
on the new frame. The new treble was inscribed with the
verger’s name Bert Jacks. The other was bought secondhand, cast by Taylors of Loughborough in 2001 to celebrate
the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. It turns out that
one letter on the inscription is incorrect!
Local people have now learned to ring every Sunday. We
have on average 12 weddings per year when the bells ring
out with joy ! Since the 5 bells were fitted we have had
over 350 visiting bell ringers and 7 quarter peals rung,
which take 45 minutes continuous ringing.
Anyone can come and watch or have go on Sunday
morning or come to our practice night on Wednesdays
6pm – 7:15pm. For more information call 01758 740293
Malcolm, Tower Captain
“Galwad i Wasanaethu”
Teitl y llyfryn "Galwad i Wasanaethu" a chyflwyniad yr Esgob, a'm
hysbrydolodd i ysgrifennu hwn ac ystyried yn ddwys mor fendithiol fu
ei ymweliad ȃ Bro Enlli. Bu'n ddiwrnod pleserus, ond yn fwy na dim yn
hynod addysgiadol ac adeiladol.
Yn y bore cawsom wasanaeth Cymun Bendigaid yn Eglwys St. Hywyn,
Aberdaron cyn ymgynnull i glywed am waith y gwahanol
weinidogaethau yno. Roedd hi'n amlwg fod pob un o'r siaradwyr yn
cymryd ei swyddogaeth o ddifri a bod llawer o weithgaredd ymarferol
ac ysbrydol yn mynd ymlaen. Yn ogystal, roedd digwyddiadau
cymdeithasol yn cael eu trefnu i godi arian tuag at yr eglwys.
Edrychwn ymlaen at gael cyd-addoli a chyd-gymdeithasu yn fuan
eto. Diolch am y croeso cynnes a gawn yno bob amser.
Tro Llanengan, Llangian, Llannor, Llanfaerhys a Llanbedrog oedd hi yn y
p'nawn. Cofiwn fod Ynys Enlli yn rhan o'n teulu hefyd a byddwn yn
cael bwletin byr yn y cylchlythyr o bryd i'w gilydd. Cawsom
adroddiadau gan bob un o'r eglwysi a chyfle i gymharu a chael ambell i
syniad newydd i wella rhai gweinidogaethau. Braf oedd gweld pawb o
ddifri ac yn cyd-weithio i gynnal yr adeiladau, y gwasanaethau a'r
bywyd cymdeithasol sy'n ein clymu. Roedd cryn drefnu digwyddiadau i
gasglu arian er budd yr eglwysi hefyd. Mae'n amlwg fod pawb yn
cydnabod fod gan "bob un ohonom alwedigaeth i ddilyn Crist".
Er na chyfeiriwyd yn uniongyrchol at weinidogaeth "Cariad a Gofal"
mae hi'n bendant yn weinidogaeth sy'n cael ei gweithredu bob dydd yn
ein heglwysi a'n cymunedau. Efallai ein bod ni'n ei chymryd yn
ganiataol am ei bod hi'n weinidogaeth mor weithgar. Rhaid i ni fod yn
ddiolchgar iawn am y rhai sy'n gweithredu 'tu ol i'r llenni' fel petai am
nad ydynt yn rhy hoff o wneud pethau'n gyhoeddus nac o fod yn yr
amlwg ond sydd ȃ'r ddawn i weld lle mae angen cariad a gofal
ychwanegol. Mae rhai sy'n gwybod sut i roi gwȇn ar wyneb trist, rhoi
cwmni i'r unig, gwrando ar broblemau, bwydo'r rhai newynog, rhoi
cefnogaeth i'r rhai sy'n ddi-hyder, gwirfoddoli i elusennau, cysuro’r
rhai sy'n galaru a gwneud pethau ymarferol i'r rhai sy'n methu.
"Nid oes nerth mwy na'r un a all un person ei roi i un arall."
Edrychwn ymlaen at gael ymdrechu gyda'n gilydd "i fod yr hyn y mae
Duw yn ein galw i fod".
Shirley Pritchard
“Called to Serve”
It was the title of the booklet "Called to Serve" and the Bishop's introduction,
which inspired me to write this and to reflect deeply on how beneficial his visit
was to Bro Enlli. As well as being a very enjoyable day it was, most of all, an
informative and constructive one.
In the morning we were blessed with a service of Holy Communion at
St. Hywyn's Church, Aberdaron followed by a meeting to listen to reports on the
work of the different ministries. It was obvious that the speakers took their duties
very seriously and that there was a great deal of work going into sustaining the
building as well as the services and the spiritual life of the congregation. Social
events were also being organized to raise money for church funds. We look
forward to worshipping and socializing again very soon. Thank you for the very
warm welcome which you always give us.
In the afternoon Llanengan, Llangian, Llannor, Llanfaelrhys and
Llanbedrog reported on their ministerial progress. Let us not forget that Ynys Enlli
is also part of our family and we do have bulletins in the newsletter from time to
time. Once again we were given detailed reports from spokesmen on the work of
the different ministries to ensure that our places of worship and our spiritual and
social lives were being taken care of. There was an opportunity to consider new
ideas and improving some areas of ministry. Events were being organized which
would not only raise funds but would also bring us together. It was very apparent
that all those involved are aware of the fact that "each and every one of us has a
vocation to follow Christ".
Even though the ministry of Loving and Caring was not directly mentioned it is a
ministry which is at the forefront of our daily lives. Perhaps it is because it is such
a busy and well-supported ministry that we take it for granted. However, we
must not let it be forgotten. We must be very grateful to those who work "behind
the scenes" so to speak, because they prefer not to participate in speaking in
public or do things in order to be seen. Yet these people have a real talent for
sensing where there is a need for some extra love and care. Some know how to
bring a smile to a sad face, offer companionship to the lonely, listen to problems,
feed the hungry, support those who have lost confidence in themselves, volunteer
to help charities as well as comforting those who grieve and do the practical
things for those having difficulties.
"There is no strength more than one person can give to another."
We look forward to striving together to be "that which God is calling us to be".
Please Sponsor Sally !
She is going to brave the Zip Lines
100 MPH ! 500 Ft in the air ! On 28th March
Sponsor form on the notice board in St Pedrog’s church
Or ask Sally at Bro Enlli Singing Group
Concert on Saturday March 21st 7.00 - 8pm
St Hywyn’s Church
A chance to hear something different.
Andrew John Hodges of Rhoshirwaun is doing a series of
concerts in pilgrim churches, starting in Aberdaron and
culminating in a performance in Bangor Cathedral. Each
concert will be recorded and will become the backing track for
the next performance. Andrew describes his music as ‘not at
all mainstream’ as he is experimenting with different sounds.
Wednesday 1st April 2 – 3pm Passion Narratives
St Hywyn’s Church Aberdaron
A compelling presentation through Words and Music of the
voices of those that played their part in Christ’s Passion
“this brought the Gospel characters alive,
as I’ve never heard them before”
Information and articles for the next newsletter send to Sue Fogarty
[email protected]
01758 703039
Gwyl Dewi Saint David’s Day Lunch
You could call it a meeting of Saints for Saint David as members came from
all the churches of Bro Enlli to Llannor to welcome Father Huw Bryant as
our new curate.
In the true tradition and spirit of Dewi; with joy and happiness for the
social occasion, by keeping the faith; in welcoming Father Huw, Reiko his
wife, Idris and Megan the children, into the Ministry Team and one step at
a time, bringing in the change.
We all enjoyed the “bring and share lunch”, there was an abundance of
food for the forty people present and plenty of socialising and happy
Archdeacon Andrew introduced Huw by way of telling us all how well he
knew Huw and his parents from the days when Andrew was Rector in
We are very fortunate in having such a fine young man as curate and
assistant to Andrew and we know that Huw will be prompt and punctual at
all the events and services, as he is very accomplished on the zipwire !
Rumour has it that he will be installing one between Llannor and
Aberdaron and all points in between to speed him on his way amongst us!
David Watson
Arweinydd Tîm Gweinidogaeth Bro Enlli Team
Leader Archddiacon Andrew Jones
01758 740919
[email protected]
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