What you need to know What you need to do.



What you need to know What you need to do.
What you need to know
The only treatment that kills all insects in one
treatment, is a tent fumigation. It is way too expensive to be used in apartments or condos. They
put tarps over the entire building and all attachments, such as decks. This treatment penetrates
the entire home and everything in it. It kills all
pests. It costs about $3.00 per square foot. Whole
home heat treatments fail about 25% of the time.
Our 3 time service is more effective than that, but
you must accept all 3 treatments and do your part.
(See below.)
There will be live bed bugs after our first treatment. Bed bugs are naturally resistant to chemicals, that is why we rotate the materials we use at
each treatment. There may be live bed bugs in
your home after the second treatment. There
could be live bed bugs after our third treatment.
Install after our treatment. (Often, included as
part of the treatment price.)
Install the felt that comes with the encasement on
your bed frame to keep the frame from destroying
your encasement, or have us install felt. (Extra)
Remove clutter. Especially from bedrooms. Clutter
gives bed bugs places to hide and breed. There
should be nothing stored under your bed. Remove
all items from furniture within two feet of your bed
so that we can steam treat it and spray as needed.
De-bug your clothing. Heat treat clothes that
would not be damaged by high heat. We recommend commercial driers. Get the driers hot BEFORE putting the clothes in. Bed bugs will die
pretty quickly at or above 120 degrees, but all
items must reach and maintain 120 degrees. Do
not overstuff your drier. A full load of dry clothes
may take 60 minutes for all the items to reach 120
degrees. We can rent you a portable heat box for
$50.00 per day or a Heat Room big enough for
couches and mattresses for $400.00. Or we can sell
you a smaller heat box for $199.00 plus tax. Call for
Why? Most bed bugs want to live near you, but
they will travel and some will nest away from you.
That is why it is important to install and use the
insect interrupters and to keep your bed away
from the wall, nearby furniture and stored items
and to keep your covers from contacting the floor.
If your items cannot stand high heat, certain synThis creates a safety zone for you.
thetics, stuffed animals, throw cushions, etc…, you
can contact a dry cleaner about the items. You can
also opt to store sensitive items for 18 months in
What you need to do.
properly closed heavy duty trash bags.
Have a bed with a frame. A frame gets your bed off
the floor. It allows us to install insect interrupters
under the posts of your bed where they contact
the floor. Trapping bugs getting on or off the bed.
This is crucial. (We typically include four per bed in
our treatment price.)
If you would like to use these items sooner, It takes
one week to kill all stages of bed bugs on items in
properly stored heavy duty trash bags, if the Nuvan
Pest strips are inserted in the bag prior to closure.
{The items can be left in the bags until you have
had all your treatments.)
Install pegs to the bottom of bed posts that are too
The contractor type, heavy duty trash bag should
large to fit in the interrupters.
be somewhat under-filled, twisted tightly closed,
Install bed bug encasements on your box springs. the twist should be doubled over, twisted again,
and the bag duct taped or zip tied closed.
We can provide them for you at our cost.

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