Postemergence for Residual Weed Control in Cotton


Postemergence for Residual Weed Control in Cotton
Postemergence for Residual Weed
Control in Cotton
Benefits of Outlook Herbicide
Broad-spectrum Residual Weed Control
n Annual grasses and small-seed broadleaf weeds
–Including glyphosate-resistant waterhemp and
Palmer amaranth
Superior Residual Weed Control
with Outlook Herbicide
Effective resistant weed management
Flexible Use for Operational Efficiency
n Postemergence
–First true leaf to mid-bloom stage
Low use rate for easy handling
Compatible with post tank-mix partners to meet field
specific weed control needs
Consistent Performance
n Easily activates with minimal rainfall
Untreated Check
Outlook Herbicide +
Glyphosate EPOST
Prowl® H2O Herbicide PRE
Outlook herbicide residual weed control from cotton field in Halfway, TX 2014.
Readily washes off crop residue to where weeds germinate
Technical Information Bulletin
Cotton Weed Control System Using Outlook® Herbicide
1. Non treated check. 2. PRE Prowl® H2O followed by EPOST Glyphosate Plus Broadleaf herbicide. 3. PRE Prowl H2O herbicide followed by EPOST Glyphosate Plus Broadleaf herbicide
plus Outlook herbicide. 4. PRE Glyphosate followed by EPOST Glyphosate Halfway, TX 2014.
Best Use Recommendations
Use Rate: 10 to 21 fl oz/A
n Use higher rates for high weed populations and/or
longer residual activity
n A post herbicide tank mix partner is required to
control emerged weeds
Post Application Timing: Apply Outlook
herbicide at up to 21 fl oz/A as a broadcast spray
to cotton from first true leaf stage to the mid-bloom
stage (i.e. two weeks after first bloom stage)
A total Outlook herbicide use rate of up to 21 fl oz/A may
be used per year. Do NOT apply Outlook herbicide to
cotton from emergence (at-cracking) through cotyledon
stage or injury may occur.
Outlook Herbicide has the
Performance You Need to Help
Maximize Yield
Optimal water solubility, less water to activate, easily
washes off residue
More active ingredient available, up to twice as much
as metolachlor
Superior formulation, multi-crop flexibility for use
in corn, soybean, grain sorghum, cotton, peanut,
and others
Visit your retailer to order Outlook
herbicide today. To learn more,
Always read and follow label directions.
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