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data sheet
FlightGear™ Ka/Ku Universal Installation
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, in a partnership with St.
Gobain Performance Plastics, now offers a complete ARINC
791 solution for Ka- and Ku-band SATCOM installations.
The complete package contains everything required for
either retrofit or forward fit installations on large jet
aircraft. Installation fittings are adjustable to cover the
complete range of aircraft frame spacing while providing
discrete interface loads to the fuselage. The aerodynamic
fairing follows the fuselage curvature without requiring a
large installation doubler, sealants, or fasteners through the
This design creates a simplified, standardized installation,
easier maintenance inspections, and overall lower cost of
ownership. Conformance to the ARINC 791 standard also
helps future-proof the installation and makes upgrades to
next generation antennas and SATCOM system equipment
easier and faster with commonality across entire fleets.
Designed to support a wide range of SATCOM systems
from leading manufacturers and preferred by aircraft
manufacturers for line fit installations, improve your speedto-market with CarlisleIT's FlightGear™ Ka/Ku Universal
» Ka/Ku Multiband Radome
» Durable light weight aluminum universal adapter plate
» Supports a wide range of aircraft frame spacing
» Supports a wide range of available antennas
» Includes provisions for additional equipment under the
radome, if required
» Aerodynamic fairing conforms to aircraft fuselage without
fasteners or sealants
» Supports swept antenna volume up to 37.50” diameter x
9.60” tall
» Easy upgrade path for future proofing
» Easy recurring maintenance and inspection access
» Easy de-modification for end-of-lease restoration
» ARINC 791
» Ka- or Ku-Band SATCOM
» CFR Title 14 Part 25
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Installation kits include the following standard parts:
Ka/Ku Multiband Radome
Universal adapter plate
Aerodynamic fairing to match fuselage radius
External fittings for adapter plate mounting
Internal intercostal structures for adapter plate mounting
Integrated antenna foundation based on customer antenna
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies can also provide turnkey
packages, including:
» Fuselage penetrations for cables or wave guides
» Harnesses and RF cables for SATCOM system installation
» Interior installation structures including racks and avionics
» System integration design
» Certification via FAA or EASA
» Recurring shipment approvals on FAA Form 8130-3 or
EASA Form 1
» Direct mounting options
3D models
Outline and interface drawings
Decompression analysis
Bird strike test report
Lightning test report
Recommended installation engineering
Detailed structural substantiation
Detailed kit list
Structural repair manual supplement
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