April - American Lumberjack Association


April - American Lumberjack Association
American Lumberjack
ALA Member News
President: James Hartley
[email protected]
Vice President: Eric Hoberg
[email protected]
Secretary: Chrissy Ramsey
[email protected]
Treasurer: Tracy Stoken
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Board Members:
Trevor Baker
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Mauhl 2
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Inside Story
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Walt Page
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I recently was able to visit with Jim Taylor. He has made it
through the first phase of his cancer therapy and has good days
and not so good days. The next phase is likely to be the hardest
portion of his treatment. Jim would appreciate your support
during this time. He welcomes phone calls and text messages
and emails too. He may not have time or feel up to responding,
but would like the communication from us to him. He may not
be very reachable for several weeks as he will be in the hospital
for much of the next phase, but he can read or listen to our
messages as he feels able.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and send him a
message of encouragement.
Jim is still unable to file or create saws and asked me to let the
membership know that he will be unable to do so until 2016 at
the soonest.
This year the ALA followed through on our previous
commitment to help out collegiate teams by donating one
piece of equipment to a college team in need of gear.
University of Nevada-Reno will be receiving a saw from
the ALA. James Essig, a CalPoly alumni and previous
ALA member donated a factory peg and raker saw. Thank
you James for your generosity.
Do you have some equipment you would be willing to
donate? Saws, handles, axes, climbing gear, corks?
Contact James Hartley, President. Do you have
sharpening skills? Would you be willing to donate
that? We accept all of the above and any other ideas
are welcome!
ALA News, February 2015
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ALA Classifieds:
in the
It is FREE
for ALA
Contact the
Custom-made wooden axe boxes available upon request. Prices vary according to
features and size. For more information, please contact Brian Ubelaker
Custom toe climbing spurs and shin-guards available upon request. Contact Eric
Hoberg for details. 406.531.9345
Looking for training gear? Contact Rob Waibel and help him sell his dad’s old gear.
Several peg-and-rakers and M-tooths available. 971.246.0897
Looking for axe handles? Contact Mike Forrester 541.496.3204
[email protected]
2015 ALA Sanctioned Show Schedule
Received by
April 17th
(Email preferred)
Missoula Pro-Am; Missoula, MT April 25
Libby Logger Days; Libby MT June 27th
Go fourth Show; Longview, WA July 4th
Priest River Timberfest; Priest River ID July 25th
Morton Loggers Jubilee; Morton, WA August 8-9th
Orofino Lumberjack Days; Orofino, ID September 20th
2015 NON-ALA shows of potential interest schedule
Sequim Irrigation Festival; Sequim, WA May 9th
Kaslo May Days; Kaslo, BC May 16 & 17th
Western Stihl Qualifier; Shelton, WA May 30th
Fort Saskatchewan; Alberta, Canada June 20th
Morinville; Alberta, Canada June 21st
Stihl USA Finals; June 20th
Darby Logger Days; Darby, MT July 18th
Logger Days Festival; South Fork CO July 18&19th
Squamish Days; Squamish, BC Aug. 1&2nd
Salmon Festival; Campbell River BC Aug. 7-9th
Port Alberni, BC Sept
Logger’s Play Day; Hoquiam, WA Sept. 12th
Know of others? Wrong Dates? Please let the Secretary know!
entry is in
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ALA News, February 2015
Winter/Spring Meeting Minutes:
Old Business:
Summer Meeting 2014 Minutes Approved
Drawing of free Membership: winner Kenneth Witt
YouTube Channel Info: Clay Stephenson will be taking this over. Persons with videos need to
contact Clay to upload them. 406-207-5696 cell, 406-754-8011 home.
Show Packs: Help is still needed especially for stand designs.
Announcement of New Board Members: Pres James Hartley, VP Eric Hoberg, Sec Chrissy
Ramsey, Treas Tracy Stoken, Board Members: Trevor Baker, Walt Page, Gordy Mauhl, Cody
New Business:
New Membership Category: There is now a FREE lifetime Membership for Master’s age 70+.
2015 Schedule: Still working on confirming shows, the newsletter has confirmed shows in it already.
Women’s Race for the Saw: Postponed until Jim Taylor is able to help us again.
Auction in 2015: The Board will work on putting together an auction that both members and nonmembers can participate in. Like a silent auction at a show maybe? Ideas include Morton.
Members will be encouraged to turn in auction items in advance to James or Chrissy so they can be
organized and ready for the silent action.
Other: Eric Hoberg is working on a new show in May 2016 in Columbia Falls.
Other: Eric Hoberg is also looking at the ALA doing a small exhibition at the Big Horn Sports Show
in March 2016 where we can perhaps hold an auction for the ALA and do some fund raising by
putting on a small exhibition and selling some of our swag.
Financial Report: Injured Loggers Fund $600.34 Checking $2728.29
2014 Award Winners: We have new awards this year, items useful to those who have won the
event. Sawing events: wedges made of Myrtle Wood from the Big K Ranch in OR. Chopping
events: axe sheaths. Log roll, choker, OP: an embroidered bag with corks and a cork wrench.
Topping/Climbing: Duluth Trading embroidered bag. We will try to hand them out at the UofM ProAm
Meeting adjourned.
Money, Money, Money, Money!
Congratulations to Kenneth Witt, winner of the
early membership payback drawing!
He received his membership for free this year!
What you Missed!
For the few people who
showed up to our winter
meeting, a big thank you!
Many of the college students
who participated expressed their
thanks for our time and effort in
helping them train. Thank you to
former member Larry Heustis for
coming and helping with the
training as well. It was a little
rainy, but if you go view the
YouTube channel you will see
some of the training videos
made that day.
ALA News, February 2015
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OSU spring thaw:
Oregon State University held their spring competition with a good
turn-out of competitors making sure to get their pre-conclave jitters out of their system!
CalPoly traveled all the way up for the first time in many years, fielding a large team &
placing 2nd overall. Lots of fun was had by all and the weather was some of the finest I have
ever experienced at OSU. Looks like ALA member Dave Cramsey has been helping out the
OSU team, they placed first in overall team points as well as having OSU members Cody
Labahn and Kirsten Tolle taking home Bull and Belle of the Woods respectively.
Congratulations to Cody Labahn! He is the Western
Stihl Collegiate winner and will be traveling to New
York to compete in the Collegiate Finals.
Wes Palmer of HSU placed 2nd with Matt Miller of CalPoly
placing 3rd. I’m are hoping for some Wild Card positions to
be filled by these guys!
AWFC Conclave
Humbolt State University hosted conclave this year. Nearly 100 collegiate
competitors came to Eureka CA for 3 days of competition and 2 days of
educational tours. Hundreds of grade school children came and watched the
competition, making lots of cheering noise for cookies from the competitors.
CalPoly took away 1st place for the team awards, with their Leah Campbell taking
Belle of the Woods, and Cody Labahn taking Bull of the Woods.
Notable ALA Members there helping students were Robert Groce, Alvie
Marcellus, Walt Page, Chrissy Ramsey and Branden Sirguy. Walt and Branden put
on several demonstrations for the college competitors to watch& film; then
watch, train, repeat. At least we hope so!
A “cameo” appearance by Jim & Carol Taylor and Mark Eash was mad at the Stihl
collegiate competition on Friday. Jim was having a good day!
University of Montana will be hosting the next AWFC Conclave in 2016. Wanna
bet it will be in late April?
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ALA News, February 2015
The ALA Show Packs are a grouping of documents to help shows get
started, or improve on what they already have. We still need help to finish
them. We currently have over 8 documents in the Show Packs. What we
need most is stand designs and set ups, and birling and axe throwing target
stands/set ups. The next item we need is people who are interested in
announcing or head judging events. We are compiling a list of those
interested in doing announcing or judging at professional shows. If you are
interested in being on the list please contact the Secretary. It is up to the
individual to work out payment etc with the shows; the ALA is only providing a
list of persons interested and capable of doing the jobs.
YouTube Channel
Videos still needed!
Did you volunteer to make
a video for the ALA
YouTube Channel? Have
you gotten it in yet?
Would you be willing to
make one? We need
videos of everything from
how to do individual
events to how to make
corks, hang an axe, care
for a saw, date a
lumberjack ….. Oh wait
Adrian already did that.
Contact Clay Stephenson
with questions, or to
upload videos.
406-207-5696 cell, 406754-8011 home.
Your story, article, or letter to the
editor could be here! We are
accepting all of the above for
potential printing in the ALA
Newsletter. Contact the Secretary.
Financial Report:
Membership dues &
donations deposited 4/6: