Saving Endangered Cultural Heritage for Our Common Future Call


Saving Endangered Cultural Heritage for Our Common Future Call
Laboratory of Archaeology
Saving Endangered Cultural Heritage for Our Common Future
March 21, 2015
Call for Papers and Posters
Submission Deadline: March 6, 2015
We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers and Posters for the UBC
Archaeology Day 2015 that will be held on Saturday, March 21, 2015 on the Vancouver
Campus at the University of British Columbia.
In this unprecedented era of globalization and urbanization, one of the most pressing
global problems today is the protection and conservation of historical resources and cultural
heritage. Untold numbers of archaeological sites and all forms of historic heritage around
the world are being ruthlessly obliterated or severely damaged in the midst of armed
conflicts and wars, as well as in the name of development. Widespread looting of
archaeological sites has been accelerating worldwide, a phenomenon that can be directly
related to the commercial marketing of illegally excavated artifacts by auction houses and
galleries. Moreover, the indigenous presence in many places across the world is being
obliterated deliberately at an unprecedented scale and pace. The knowledge obtained
through proper archaeological excavation is irreplaceable, cultural heritage is nonrenewable,
and every indigenous culture must be cherished as an essential part of modern humanity.
Once destroyed they are lost forever.
The UBC Archaeology Day 2015 aims at raising public awareness of the ever
increasing destruction of cultural heritage and archaeological resources in many parts of the
world, and addressing the urgency and importance of protecting the vanishing heritage for
our common future.
The UBC Archaeology Day 2015 is open to anyone with an interest in, and concern
for, the protection of our endangered cultural heritage, archaeological resources, and
indigenous culture here in British Columbia as well as across the world.
We welcome submissions for papers or posters. A submission should include a title,
a 100-200 word abstract, and the name and contact information for the authors and
presenters. The deadline for submission is Friday, March 6, 2015.
Laboratory of Archaeology
The University of British Columbia
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Vancouver, BC V6T1Z1
Contact: Zhichun Jing, 604-822-4937, [email protected]