ASO Special Agenda 4-24 - LATTC ASO


ASO Special Agenda 4-24 - LATTC ASO
Special ASO Student Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Location and Time: Redwood Hall C-107| Friday, April 24th, 2015 @ 4:15p.m.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Activities Committee Branch of the Associated Students of Los
Angeles Trade-Technical College Executive Board will hold a meeting as specified above. Our Posted
standard meeting procedures cover this meeting. The Executive board reserves the rights to modify
orders of the day at any time during the meeting. No topics or items will be added to this agenda, except
as allowed by Ralph M. Brown Act.
PURSUANT TO GOVERNMENT CODE 54950-54964: members of the public are invited to speak
concerning any item of business on this agenda prior to or during the Board’s discussion of the item, and
always prior to the Board taking action on the item. For matters not listed on this agenda but under the
Board’s jurisdiction, members of the public are invited to address the Board during Public Comment.
The Brown Act does not permit any action to be taken, not extended discussion of any topic not
on the agenda. Please limit comments to more than 5 minutes. Overall public comment time will be
limited to 30 minutes per item.
Executive Board Officers
ASO President
Jimmy Johnston
Baye Watkins
Miguel Martinez
Zaakiyah Brisker*
(Christian Galeno has been appointed.)
Tierra Gipson
Jennifer Winfield
Comm of Student Advocacy
Ryan Navaratte
Comm. Of Campus Safety
Jordan Collier
Comm of Social Activity 1
Carla Patraca
Comm of Social Activity 2
Durrell Johnson
Comm. Of Student Services
Christian Galeno
Senator Of Construction Tech
John Corey
Senator of Business
Blanca Leal-Peralta
Dean Dorothy Smith
Jah’Shams Abdul Mumin
I. Preliminary Items
a) Call to Order, Roll Call, and establishment of Quorum
II. Public Comment (3 minutes total per speaker)
a. This segment of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the ASO
Council on any matters of concern that is not stated on the agenda. The law does not
permit any action to be taken, nor extended discussion of any items no on the agenda.
The ASO Council may briefly respond to statements or questions posed, however, for
further information, please contact the ASO Secretary for the item of discussion to be
placed on the future agenda. – Brown Act 54954.3
I. Reports (5 minutes each)
a. Executive Board Officers
b. Student Council Members
c. Advisor
Reports of Special Committees (5 minutes each)
College Hour/Study Hour
Architecture Program
Public Forum
III. New Business
1. LATTC Fun Day $900 – Veterans Club Rep
Public Comment (3 minutes total per speaker)
Advisors Comments
Future Meeting Time and Dates