our Community Adaptation to Climate Change brochure


our Community Adaptation to Climate Change brochure
Community Adaptation
Communities are at the heart of climate change impacts and must be
a part of the solution. The depth of our experience in urban and rural
settings, combined with our understanding of the social complexities
of climate change helps communities, governments, non-government
organisations, developers, planners and researchers to meet the
growing challenge of responding to the impacts of climate change.
Our experience in social impact assessment yields considerable capability in
predicting and assessing how different climate scenarios may affect the resilience,
wellbeing and functionality of communities. We offer insight into how vulnerable
groups are affected and bring a keen cultural awareness to our work.
We recognise the need for both ‘top down’ initiatives driven by governments, as well as
‘bottom up’ initiatives empowering local communities to participate in adaptation planning.
Our approach focuses on resilience at all levels: institutions, communities and individuals.
• Social impact assessment
• Community risk, vulnerability and
adaptive capacity assessments
• Community adaptation planning
(including resettlement planning)
• Strategic advice on social,
gender and cultural issues
Community development
Community engagement
Resilience and disaster response planning
Social research and policy development
Cost benefit analysis
Capacity building needs assessment
Training and mentoring
• Applied Social Research on Women’s Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to
Climate Change in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, ActionAid Australia
• Assessment of National Learning Needs for Strengthening the Resilience of Islands
and Communities to Climate Change, Cook Islands Office of the Prime Minister
• Social and Health Impact Assessment of South East
Queensland Regional Plan, Queensland Health
• Community planning for sustainable communities
- various local governments (Queensland and Victoria)
Community Adaptation
Andrea Young is Principal of Andrea Young Planning Consultants, a specialist
social planning consultancy with a belief in the inherent creativity and
resourcefulness of communities to shape their own future. Andrea offers robust,
evidenced based analysis, the ability to think progressively and adeptness
for developing strategies that are practical, empowering and realistic.
Andrea’s work has helped integrate social and cultural considerations
into urban planning, forging essential links between community
development and change management processes.
Andrea’s experience in social impact assessment yields considerable
capability in assessing how different climate scenarios may affect
the health, wellbeing and functionality of communities.
Kate Morioka is Principal of Kate Morioka Consulting. She is
an international and community development practitioner with
experience in Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. Kate’s expertise in social research, participatory methodologies, cultural
relations, community development and gender analysis supports
decision-making based on evidence, fairness and participation.
With qualifications in social science, international development and environment,
Kate has a strong understanding of how human societies interact with ecological
systems. Her approach recognises the potential of Indigenous knowledge and
technological innovation in mitigating and adapting to climate change.
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