150501 Call for Filmmaker



150501 Call for Filmmaker
May 2015
Creative filmmaker for collaborative, multi-disciplinary project in
Beam is seeking proposals from creative individuals who are multi-skilled filmmakers and can
bring some innovative approaches to this community project, with a real desire to work
Beam is an arts, architecture and education charity, based in Wakefield, working across
Yorkshire, UK and Europe, providing services that help people make better places through the
arts. Beam is leading on the Community Voices project as part of a wider, cross disciplinary
programme of activity entitled Arts in Place 1 - a series of artistic commissioning, residencies,
knowledge exchange, research and creative interventions in communities.
Next Generation Youth Services are based at Lightwaves Leisure Centre in the heart of a
culturally diverse community on the outskirts of Wakefield.
Next Gen work in an
intergenerational and multi-cultural context across the community, with a particular focus on
young people, improving life experiences and increasing opportunities. The project gratefully
acknowledges support from Arts Council England and Big Lottery Fund.
Project Overview
‘Community Voices’ is a project addressing neighbourhood-wide issues, through a range of
workshops and creative opportunities targeting different cultural groups within the community.
Exploring ‘What does Community Mean to you?’, participants will work creatively with a writer
and filmmaker to explore and express their thoughts. The filmmaker will capture the voices of
the community in a creative, stimulating and inspiring short film that will be screened at a
community event and various other events and opportunities throughout the year.
The filmmaker will work alongside Beam, Next Gen and the writer/facilitator to shape the project
creatively, presenting a wide range of views and opinions, possibly in different languages and
will communicate these coherently through the film. It is intended for this film to transcend
social, gender, age and language barriers and communicate the salient messages broadly,
utilizing a range of filmmaking techniques.
Project Aims & Objectives
‘Community Voices’ will create a safe, neutral environment for different parts of the community
to voice their opinions, concerns and issues, as well as celebrating their neighbourhood’s
The final product for the project is a short film, approximately 3-5 minutes in length, to be shared
widely, to raise awareness;
The overall project will • Work with participants across 4 target groups, delivering creative workshops
• Bring together different parts of community groups within a locality, to celebrate collectively
their cultural differences and understand each other’s viewpoints
1 •
Engage local people, empowering them through a platform which allows expression of their
opinions and voices their concerns through interactive working in a safe environment, free
from judgment
Transcend language, cultural and social barriers through innovative and creative project
Strengthen the community as a whole; improving cohesion and reducing tensions;
increasing cultural awareness and respect among differing cultural groups; increasing
understanding of responsibilities within the community
A spectrum of views from across this multi-cultural community will be represented, aiming to
highlight shared views and to bring people together; opening up opportunities for dialogue and
understanding. It is hoped this project will lead to more citizens actively working together to
improve their community with increased mutual respect and a reduction in antisocial behaviour.
The resulting film is the culmination and output of the project and will be screened across the
city, potentially as part of Wakefield Lit Fest, Local Area Panel Meetings, at community centres
and at other appropriate community facing opportunities.
A fee of £2000 is offered for this role, inclusive of all filming, editing and post-production,
equating to a minimum of 12 days work. The fee is inclusive of all travel and expenses.
The finished film will be designed in collaboration with the project partners, creative
writer/facilitator and community groups. This short (3-5 minute) film, should highlight the key
messages drawn from working with the participant groups.
Please note that these timings are indicative at this stage and will be required to be responsive
to the project as it unfolds.
Deadline: Tuesday 19 May, Call for Filmmaker
12 noon
w/c 25 May
w/c 8 June
Initial meetings, scoping work,
creative concept
15 June – 21 August
Project delivery and filming
21 August –1 September
1 September
4 September
4 September – 10
11 September
Filmmaker and writer
Next Gen, Filmmaker (and
Editing/Post production
Rough cut to project partners - Filmmaker
Feedback for editing - deadline
Final post production work
Submission and sign off final edit
Beam, Next
2 How to Apply
The deadline for receipt of applications is Tuesday 19 May, 12 noon.
Please supply the following, preferably via email • A covering letter explaining why you would like to be considered for this role, and detailing
your previous experience working with diverse community groups
• A copy of your CV, with links to your website/professional portfolio
• Up to 3 examples of your work (preferably web links), demonstrating the breadth of your
skills and abilities as a filmmaker
• Contact information for 2 referees
Contact Details
For submission of applications or for further enquiries about this brief please contact Suzie Cross, Project Manager, Beam, The Orangery, Wakefield, WF1 2TG
[email protected] / 01924 215 550
Beam combines creativity with practicality to help people make better places. We achieve this
through learning and education, the promotion of good design, and the imaginative use of the
arts in the public realm. www.beam.uk.net

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