Effectively Managing


Effectively Managing
Bello Alito (Beautiful Breath) – Effectively Managing
Medical Needs for Childhood Asthma
Bello Alito is a patented product and system designed
to help parents and carers of children, to proactively
manage asthma. The Bello Alito asthma management
system supplements a child’s asthma medication
with a set of records and communications tools.
This enables effective communication and coordination
in the management of a child’s asthma among parents,
carers and doctors.
A child with well managed asthma can live a fuller more active
life. By supporting the use of a written asthma plan, Bello Alito
• F amilies more control over the management of their child’s
• C
arers a central place for all the equipment and instructions
they need to effectively manage a child’s asthma.
BREATHE medical bag to be organised and ready
• A
reduced likelihood of emergency department visits,
hospitalisation of children, and an increase in school
attendance for the child.
• M
edical bag has asthma medication, asthma spacer
and asthma plan all in one place.
• B
etter feedback for doctors when designing a child’s asthma
management plan.
• A
large window for all medical instructions for quick
reference by carers.
• A
central place for all asthma communication tools
and aids.
NOTIFY cards to alert parents and carers
• K
now what’s happening with your child’s asthma
management when you are not there.
• C
ards to prompt parents and carers to replenish
asthma medication, and to alert when medication
has been given.
MANAGE share information among parents & carers
Whether you are a parent or a carer of a child with asthma, to
find out more how Bello Alito can help you, please email info@
belloalito.com.au or visit www.belloalito.com.au.
• A
log book to record when medications have been
administered, in what doses, at what times and by whom.
• N
ote when asthma medication is needed, until a clear
pattern is found.
• Determine if a child’s asthma plan is being followed.
• W
ork with the doctor, have the history and
questions ready.
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