Reported speech practice



Reported speech practice
Reported Speech Practice
Ex.1. Rewrite the following sentences into the REPORTED SPEECH:
Jon told Garfield he’d be shaving in case anyone
called for him.
Jon told Garfield he had met a reporter the day
Jon said she hadn’t mentioned that on their date the
night before.
Garfield replied he did have that effect on women.
Jon told Garfield he wasn’t doing anything that day.
Jon told Garfield that was Mrs. Spittle, his thirdgrade teacher.
Garfield told Jon that someday they would remember
when he had tripped over him coming back from the
grocery… and had laughed.
Jon replied there were grapes up his nose.
Report these questions (yes/no questions)
1. “Can you feel it?”
Ron asked Harry if/whether he could feel it.
2. “Does it make a difference?”
Hermione wanted to know if/whether it made a difference.
3. “Are you staying, or what?”
Ron asked Hermione if/whether she was staying or what.
4. “Will it really come by owl?”
Lily asked Snape if/whether it would really come by owl.
5. “Is Draco alive? Is he in the castle?”
Narcissa wanted to know if/whether Draco was alive and if/whether he was
in the castle.
6. “Was the sword stolen by Gryffindor?”
Harry asked Hermione if/whether the sword had been stolen by Gryffindor.
7. “Can you forgive me for not trusting you?”
Dumbledore asked Harry if/whether he could forgive him for not trusting
8. “Does anyone else know where it fell?”
Dumbledore asked Harry if/whether anyone else knew where it had fallen.
Report these questions (open questions, with question word)
1. “How are you going to open it?”
Ron asked Harry how he was going to open it.
2. “Why do you keep looking out of the window?”
Hermione asked Mr Lovegood why he was keeping looking out of the window.
3. “Where does he keep going?”
Snape asked Lily where he kept going.
6. “How can I be alive?
Harry wondered how he could be alive.
7. “Where do you think we are?”
Dumbledore asked Harry where he thought they were.
He/ She told me…
… not to fish in the river.
… to stay away from him/her.
… to take that to his/her office / if I could take that to his/her office.
…to give him/her a glass of water / if I could give him/her a glass of
…not to light fire in the park.
… not to run in the corridor.
… to make my bed and have breakfast quickly.
…to sleep eight hours a day.
… to open the window / if I could open the window.