HANDBOOK ON HERBAL MEDICINE: With Special Reference to



HANDBOOK ON HERBAL MEDICINE: With Special Reference to
MEDICINE: With Special Reference
to Pharmacognostical studies of
Indian Medicinal Plants
Mr. Sridhar Ramachandran
M.Sc(Bot.), M.Sc(Micro.), M.Ed., M.Phil (Micro.),CLTC, CRTI,
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Science, G.C.T.E, Chennai
Fellowship, Boss Scientific Society, TNSRO, India
National Member, IAMPV, BSS, TNSRO, SRUA
International Member, APCBEES (Hong Kong), IAENG (China), ISID (USA)
Hon’ble and Editorial Committee Member, Indian Journal of Natural Science
Editor Review Committee, International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, USA
Advisory Board Member, Review of Progress & Weekly Science International Research Journals, India
258/34, Raviwar Peth,
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“HANDBOOK ON HERBAL MEDICINE: With Special Reference to
Pharmacognostical studies of Indian Medicinal Plants ”
Mr. Sridhar Ramachandran
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The usage of herbs tremendously increasing in the modern days
throughout the world. Herbal medicine has become modern method of
treatment of different kinds of diseases. However, proper scientific
evaluation is needed for each and every herb/drug of herbal origin
according to World Health Organisation.
This book presents an overview of usage of selected Indian
Medicinal Plants with special reference to their Pharmacognostical
properties. An extremely brief account of Pharmacognostical properties
of selected Indian medicinal plants had described in first edition of the
Handbook on Herbal Medicine, with special reference to
Pharmacognostical properties of selected Indian Medicinal plants. It
provides detailed information particularly about the Medicinal uses of
selected plants.
This book is essential for College students who pursuing degree
(undergraduate and post graduate level) in life science, distinctly in the
field of plant science with herbal science/medicine specialization. It
covers most of the syllabus taught in Botany major in Indian
universities. I hope that it will act a suitable reference material for the
academicians and scientists in the field of herbal science.
The entire work has been presented in 8 chapters by eminent
professors/academicians in the relevant field.
We have taken utmost care and effort in preparing this herbal
medicine book for the benefits of academicians and scientists especially
in the field of herbal science. I hope that the book will fulfill the need of
aspiring scholars, medical students, teachers and scientists Suggestions
and comments on the book will be appreciated.
Mr. Sridhar Ramachandran
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It is my Privilege and golden opportunity to convey my heartfelt
thanks to the Founder of Laxmi book publication and Executive Editor of
internationally reputed journals, Dr. S. Ashok Yakkaldevi, M.A
(Sociology)., M.A(English)., Ph.D., SET, Professor and Co-ordinator,
Solapur university, for his acceptance to allocate book publication work
to the benefit of our society. Also, I convey my sincere thanks to him for
his valuable suggestions and encouragement regarding book
I sincerely acknowledge my special thanks to the Chapter
authors Viz., Dr. V. Hemamalini, Dr. N. Aarthi, Dr. Tamilvendan
Manavalan, Mr. Ambethkar B, Mrs. Divyadarshini A and Mr. B. Mohan
Kumar for submitting chapters for publication part.
I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to my
beloved parents, Mr. B. Ramachandran and Mrs. Dhakshayini
Ramachandran, my elder brother, Mr. R. Senthil M.Sc., My better half,
Mrs. Sangeetha Sridhar M.Com and my friends who observed
marvelous patience during my publication work and constant support
Finally, I would like to expresses the appreciation to Mr. S.
Chandrasekar M.Sc., M.Ed., SLET (Life Sci.), PG Assistant in Biology,
G.H.S.S, Govt. of Tamilnadu, India for drawing of medicinal plants in the
natural way.
Mr. Sridhar Ramachandran
About Editor
Sridhar Ramachandran had qualified UGC-NET
Lectureship in Education (2011), a University
rank holder, has had higher education from
Madras, Tamilnadu Teacher Education and
PRIST Universities. He had contributed more
than 10 research articles to National and
International Journals. He had Gene Accession
Numbers (GU479040 and JX444058) from
GenBank, National Center for Biotechnology
Information (NCBI), USA. He has published a
book on ESBL (Clinical Bacteriology Book) by Excellent Publisher, India.
He was a Chapter author in an ISBN edited Research bookContemporary Researches in Education (CRP), NAS publisher, Kerala,
India. He was an honorable elected Editorial Committee Member (ECM)
in an Internationally reputed Journal-Indian Journal of Natural Science
[Impact factor (2013)-0.467, NAAS, Govt. of India Rated Journal, MJL
Thomson Reuters, USA cited Zoological survey].
He is an active life member in International Association of
Medical and Pharmaceutical Virologists. He has received fellowship title
award from Boss Scientific Society which is affiliated to Tamilnadu
Scientific Research organisation, India. Mr. Sridhar Ramachandran is
associated with research work in Review of Progress -International
Weekly Medical Research Journal [ISSN: 2321-3485] and Weekly
Science-International Research Journal [ISSN No: 2321-7871] as an
Advisory Board Member
He is also affiliated to professional international society namely
Asia pacific Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering Society,
Hong Kong, International Society of Infectious Diseases (USA),
International Association of ENG(AIDS/HIV), china
He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at Tamil Nadu Open
University, Chennai. Very recently he was honored with Har Gobind
Khorana Best Young Investigator Award-2014 for Biological Science by
List of Authors
Mr. Sridhar
Assistant Professor,
Department of
Biological Science,
G.C.T.E, Chennai
Dr. Tamilvendan
Senior Research
Centre for Advance
Studies in Botany,
University of Madras,
Guindy Campus,
Chennai-600 025
Dr. V. Hemamalini
Assistant Professor,
Department of Plant
Biology and Plant
Government Arts
College for Women
Chennai, Tamilnadu,
Mrs. Divyadarshini A.
JRF in Virology(DST),
P.G. Department of
Microbiology and
Presidency College,
Mr. Ambethkar Balaiah
Coordinator & Head,
Department of
Biological Science,
V.O.C. Vid. M.H.S.S,
Dr. N. Aarthi
Guest Lecturer,
Department of
School of Life Science,
Bharathiar University,
India-641 046
Mr. B. Mohan Kumar
School of Education,
Pondicherry University,
Puducherry-605 014
1. Introduction ......................................................................................1
Dr. V. Hemamalini
2. Pharmacognostical studies of Medicinal plants-I ..............................8
Mr. Sridhar Ramachandran
3. Pharmacognostical studies of Medicinal plants-II .......................... .19
Dr.V. Hemamalini
ii) Mr. Sridhar Ramachandran
4. Pharmacognostical studies of Medicinal plants-III ......................... .29
i) Dr. Tamilvendan Manavalan
5. Pharmacognostical studies of Medicinal plants-IV ......................... .40
i) Mr. Ambethkar Balaiah
6. Pharmacognostical studies of Medicinal plants-V .......................... .51
i) Mrs. Divyadarshini A.
7. Pharmacognostical studies of Medicinal plants-VI ......................... .62
i) Mr. B. Mohan Kumar
8. Conclusion ..................................................................................... .72
i) Dr. N. Aarthi