A seniors` community concept by Century Group



A seniors` community concept by Century Group
A seniors’ community concept by Century Group
Bria Communities is a family of residences designed for seniors
who want the freedom to be themselves, to live independently, and to
experience fun and enjoyment with their friends and families every day.
At Bria
we’re focused
on living.
We are friends, families
and facilitators.
We appreciate people.
We make sure our homes
have heart.
Bria is about beginnings. Our communities
are places where people find friends, see
new faces, and discover their independence.
Our residents tell us that joining a Bria
community feels like a fresh start.
In other words, our communities are
social. We entertain each other, participate
in local activities and lend a hand to those
who need it. We understand good times
and rough patches, and we welcome good
times with stories and anecdotes that pick
people up and make them smile.
Bria is focused on people. Bria is
for friends, families and residents; for
lifestyles, cultures and backgrounds; for
interests, abilities and care needs. Bria
communities are accessible, inclusive and
built for the people who live in them.
Bria is for seniors who want the freedom
to be themselves, to live independently, and
to experience fun and enjoyment with their
friends and families every day.
Places where you
get to know your
Places to mingle, talk,
and laugh out loud. Places
for quiet moments, places
for warmth, and places for
Bria communities are built around the idea
that people want to live in places where they
can have friends over, where family can visit
and stay a while, and where there is room to
read the newspaper in a quiet corner or get
outside for a while.
Our residences have spaces for all these
things, as well as rooms for exercise,
computers and coffee breaks. Some
buildings even have resident-run stores
to sell sundries, crafts and artisan gifts.
Menus are designed with our residents
in mind. Our chefs prepare a variety of
flavourful, home-cooked meals that cater
to different tastes and nutritional needs.
Family members and guests are always
welcome to join residents for meals, as
well as attend holiday functions and
other special events.
Our seniors’ residences are built within
neighbourhoods. Each complex is near
recreation, shopping and local amenities
— walking distance for many. Our shuttle
bus service and public transit connect our
residents to further destinations.
Bria is
you want
to be.
We participate. We nurture,
we influence, we contribute.
We have compassion, we
make connections. We build
meaningful communities
Living in a Bria community is much like
living at home — only with a large family
and with groups of friends who can assist
you with the day-to-day. At Bria, you are
part of something larger — a community
of people who care about each other and
the neighbourhood in which they live.
Our residents contribute, they volunteer
and they participate in events and causes
that mean the world to them. Our staff
actively participate in building events and
are there every day to help residents and their
family members enjoy their time with us.
Our recreation coordinators, along
with our residents, have built an activities
program that meets a variety of needs and
interests. Initiatives are designed to support
healthy cognitive function through social
and spiritual connection, and physical and
mental activity.
Bria Communities are about intentional
living, creating lifestyle with a sense
of purpose, the ability to contribute
to the community and positively
influence others.
Bria Communities Inc.
A seniors’
Bria is owned and
operated by Century
Group, a real estate
development and
property management
company based in
British Columbia.
For more than fifty years Century Group
has built places that define neighbourhoods; places with walkable streets where
people live, work and shop, and places
connected to natural landscapes. These
places, when built at a human scale, with
an aim of reducing energy use, create more
sustainable communities with durable
value and lasting beauty.
Bria Communities is focused on creating
liveable neighbourhoods that consider
people at every stage of their lives.
Our seniors’ communities are built
as integrated parts of residential
developments, and located near local
services and amenities.
These development, operating and
community-building principles are
expressions of Century Group’s ideal
of sustainability — Century Thinking™,
the foundation for our vision to create
beautiful, sustainable buildings,
public spaces and neighbourhoods.
Bria Communities Inc.
Our communities
Our people
Magnolia Gardens
Langley, BC
Built in the heart of Langley, Magnolia Gardens is part of
The Meadows, a 40-acre residential development complete with
townhomes and low-rise condominiums. The residence is within
walking distance of Langley’s downtown centre, and several parks
and nature trails. The complex is just blocks away from the public
library, and near many convenient shops and services.
Sunridge Gardens
Murrayville, BC
Ten years of experience managing vibrant seniors’ communities has taught us that it’s
people that matter. We’re passionate about our seniors and their potential for living life to
the fullest. Our wide range of backgrounds, including hospitality and recreation, inspires
our approach to seniors living. Our seniors consistently give us high marks for satisfaction,
participation and quality of life.
Located in the Township of Langley, Sunridge Gardens is
part of Sunridge Place, a mixed use phased development that
will include condominiums and single family homes. Sunridge
expects to achieve LEED Gold certification and will feature
geothermal and solar panel alternate energy sources.
The Waterford
Tsawwassen, BC
Located in a residential development in the heart of Tsawwassen,
The Waterford is surrounded by beautifully-landscaped pedestrian
pathways and a two-acre water feature. The complex itself is within
a short walk from the public library and dozens of shops and
services at Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall.
Sean Hodgins
Greg Condon
Pam Murphy
Craig Rumsby
David Laulainen
Century Group
Vice President,
Specialty Properties
General Manager
General Manager
A seniors’ community
concept by Century Group
Bria Communities Inc.
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