Canyon Creek Newsletter 5-12-15



Canyon Creek Newsletter 5-12-15
Canyon Creek Cub Reporter
May 12, 2015
Roberta Ballard, Principal
Main Office: 720-886-3600
Attendance Line: 720-886-3695
Dear Canyon Creek Families,
What a great year it has been! Your children are finishing
May 15
1st grade Author’s Tea &
Performance 1:45 pm
May 19
2/3 Choir and 4/5 Chimes Concert
6:30 pm
May 20
PASS Meeting 6:00 pm
May 21
Art Show 6:30 pm
May 25
Memorial Day—No School
May 28-29
Field Days
June 1
Kindie End of Year Celebration
10:00 am and 2:00 pm
June 2
5th Grade Continuation - 9:30 am
Early Dismissal—12:00
up their last few days of school and everyone is eagerly
waiting for the summer to officially begin. I want to say
how much I have enjoyed watching your children learn,
discover, and grow over the year. They are truly a great
group of students and I am going to miss each and every
one of them! My seven years at Canyon Creek have
passed by so quickly but all great things must come to an
end. I’m grateful for all the experiences and positive relationships I have had an opportunity to develop over the
years. I will always remember my time at Canyon Creek!
As you and your family look forward to vacations, time
with relatives, or just relaxing in the backyard, I wish you
a healthy and restful summer!
Roberta Ballard
Important Cafeteria News
May 15th—Last day that meals can be charged in the cafeteria
May 18th—meal accounts will not be allowed to go into a negative balance.
Children will receive an alternative meal, if there is not sufficient funds in their
Hello Canyon Creek Community! The 2015 Canyon Creek Art show is
finally here!
Thursday, May 21st
6:30—8:00 pm
Canyon Creek main hallway
Free refreshments
 Contest
 Performance by one of the premiere Latin
musicians in Denver
Caps for Computers
Thank you for your continued support purchasing
technology for our students.
November— $121.00
December— $84.00
January— $149.00
Thursday—May 28
Friday, May 29
4th and 5th Grades
Kindergarten (BOTH am and pm)
2nd Grade
1st Grade
3rd Grade
*****Don’t forget to wear tennis shoes*****
Please remember : flip flops or sandals are not safe for any physical activity in P.E. class. Please have tennis shoes at all times.
Jump Rope for Heart update:
Many of our families raised money for the American Heart Assoc. from $5.00 to $510.00
Our top fundraiser is Brenna T. from Mrs. Craun’s 1st grade class with $510.00
Other top fundraisers are:
Braydon C. (2nd grade) with $325.00
Bennett B. (2nd Grade) with $285.00
Hailey P. (1st grade) with $275.00
Kate F. (3rd grade) with $ 270.00
Augie F. (2nd grade) with $250.00
Dayton B. (Kindergarten) with $200.00
The rest of the thank you gifts have been handed out.
Please let me know if something is missing.
I have been teaching for 31 years so it is time that I retire. My last 4 years here at Canyon Creek have been
great. I have really enjoyed teaching your students. I will miss this wonderful community. I am off to
new adventures.
Thank you for your support in jogging club, field days & jump rope for heart to name a few.
Mrs. Slattery
Parking Lot Reminders
As we all continue to learn the new drop-off process, here are a few key
things to keep in mind before and after school:
-Please do not exit your vehicle in the “kiss & go” lane
-Pull all the way forward for others to drop-off passengers
-Please do not cross the solid white line. There are two lanes of traffic, if
you are in the drop-off only lane, please be patient and wait until the
traffic continues moving.
-When picking your child up in the afternoon, please know the parking
lot fills up quickly. Cars should only be parked in designated spots.
Vehicles can’t be left unattended in the fire lane, as this is a traffic violation.
-You can drive around the parking lot in a loop so you may stop momentarily for your child to get into your vehicle.
-Please remember to follow all traffic regulations by keeping crosswalks
and driveways clear and leaving 8-10 feet from corner street curbs in
the neighborhood.
Basketball Camp
Girl Scouts
Colorado Parent Magazine
Volleyball Camp
Cherry Creek Band and Orchestra
Ice Skating Lessons
Mad Science Camps
Golf Camp
Soccer Camp
, Lynae Trabant
Friendly Reminders
Office hours are 8:00 am—4:30 pm
There are no dogs allowed on school grounds
Our attendance line is 720-886-3695. This is a
24-hour service provided for your convenience in
order to notify the school of an absence or late
Please do not drop your students off before
8:45 am. We do not have adult supervision for
them prior to 8:45 am. If they are having breakfast
in the cafeteria, they may arrive at 8:30 am.
For snow delay or school closure information call
Go to our school website, for calendars,
schedules and valuable information.
PTO News
Substitute School Nursing
Positions in CCSD
If you are a registered nurse looking to work part-time, CCSD is looking for nurses with pediatric or public health experience to assist and provide coverage when
our regular nurses require a day off. Substituting is a great way to experience and
explore the autonomous and independent practice of school nursing. Come join
our team and help us change the world, one child at a time. For more information
about this opportunity please contact Health Services at 720-554-4274 or
[email protected]

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