African American History


African American History
Monday, September 21, 2015 Book: ​
The Other Wes Moore​
by Wes Moore Use the following format for all papers. Header 1. Your Name 2. Title 3. Author 4. Publication Date Body 1. In your own words, summarize what the entire document is about. 2. List three (3) things the writer says that you think are important. 3. How are things, events or people connected to each other? 4. Explain why you think this document was written. 5. In what ways could this document be used as a source of historical evidence? (​
How can it be used?) 6. Does the document have any pictures, drawings, seals or letterheads? If yes, what are they and why are they there? 7. List 10 words that are unfamiliar and define. 8. How do the issues addressed in this document relate to our current social/political environment? 9. Write one or more questions that detail areas and/or issues you would like to learn more about after reading the document. 10. The tagline for ​
The Other Wes Moore​
is: “The chilling truth is that his story could have been
mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his.”
What do you think this means? 11. In the call to action at the end of the book, Tavis Smiley says that “failing doesn’t make us a
failure. But not trying to do better, to be better, does make us fools.” What are some examples
of each of the Weses’ lives that illustrate times where they tried to be better? Was this enough? Why or why not? 12. Both Wes Moores talk a lot about expectations. To what extent do the expectations of others
control our outcomes? To what extent should we hold ourselves accountable for our own actions?