SOLO Single Prong Cannula F.A.Q.s



SOLO Single Prong Cannula F.A.Q.s
SOLO Single Prong Cannula F.A.Q.s
Does single prong High Flow
Therapy (HFT) work as well as
dual prong delivery?
Some of the original mechanistic work was done with a single
prong cannula, and our internal validation shows equivalent or
better flush of CO2 (the primary mechanism of action for HFT)
with a single prong. Clinical experience shows effective support
of neonates using the single prong approach.
What is the impact to pressure
in the patient when using a
single prong cannula?
The Solo cannula assures an adequately open system by
assuring that the nose is less than 50% occluded. Maintaining an
open system prevents the creation of any substantial pressure in
the patient.
Is there any discomfort or
concern about shear forces
from delivering high flow
therapy through just one prong?
Flow modeling has shown that shear forces are not a factor in
HFT. The strain force generated at the prong’s tip dissipates
quickly in the larger space of the nasal cavity. The precise control
of temperature and humidity in Vapotherm gas delivery makes
high flow rates quite comfortable for patients and protects the
Can I use the Solo cannula on
other systems
No. Systems other than the Vapotherm Precision Flow will not be
able to deliver high flow through a small single prong without
creating problems in the equipment and circuit. Be aware that the
cannula may falsely appear to operate on devices with a pop-off
valve, but much of the flow will be exhausting through the pop-off
and not reaching the patient.
Is there a neonate size SOLO
Because the prong is placed in only one side of the nose there is
always much more than 50% of the total nares open . Therefore,
any patient that can be supported on the 1 – 8 lpm circuit can use
How is the Cannula fitted?
Make sure only to occlude less than 50% of the summed internal
diameter of both nares. For SOLO, its 1.9mm outside diameter
requires that a combined >1.9mm of diameter remain open from
both nares. Also, the single prong should fit loosely in the nare.
Do I set up flow, temperature
and FiO2 differently when using
the Solo compared to a dual
prong therapy?
No. Use the Solo cannula with the same temperature, flow and
FiO2 settings you would use with a dual flow cannula.
Can I set up a NG tube in the
other nare when using the Solo
The Solo cannula makes it easier to use an NG tube without
occluding more than 50% of the nares. However, it is important
that the NG tube not completely occlude the second open nare
when placed opposite the Solo cannula.
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