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Summer Assignment 2015-16
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Ms. Ragini is responsible for assigning work to the employees & representing the grievances to Mr.
Deepak (Ragini’s boss). Identify the managerial levels at which Ragini & Deepak are working.
‘Management helps to implement new changes in the organization.’ Which importance of
management is referred here?
A.R Rehman is the first Indian to win the Oscar award for his composition ‘Jai Ho’. His composition
was unique as he used singing notes in a manner which was entirely his own interpretation. Like him
Mr. Rakesh, general manager in Wave Ltd. Uses his knowledge of management in a unique &
different manner. All employees under his guidance are happy & satisfied because of his behavior.
He every day appreciates employees for coming in office on time. Performing their task in the best
possible manner as per their capabilities. He is fair with all his employees. He doesn’t discriminate
his employees on the basis of sex, religion cast, belief, etc.
(i) Identify the nature of management highlighted above.
(ii) State two other ways in which nature of management can be explained.
(iii) Identify the principle of Fayol being followed.
Management of Lucky limited fulfills all it’s objectives & the organization is able to work
effectively & efficiently. It is using environment friendly methods of production & disposing off the
waste material either by recycling it or using the same for landfill in such a manner that aquatic life
is not disturbed. Thus it also provides employment opportunities to the disadvantaged sections of
the society.
It was also decided that remuneration payable to the disadvantaged sections of the society should be
fair to both employers & employees.
(i) Identify the objectives of management of lucky Limited which it wants to fulfill by doing the
above activities.
(ii) Two objectives that the management should fulfill.
(iii) Identify the principle
Ranjan Ltd. Is engaged in manufacturing electrical appliances. The company haqs been facing a lot
of problems for the last few months because of chaos between teo departments viz: Production
Department & sales Department. Sales department blames production department for delayed
production. How ever the production department blames sales department for poor sales. The force
that the two departments can integrate is missing.
Moreover in the production department both the management & workers do not realize the
importance of each other. There is no cooperation, mutual confidence & sense of goodwill between
the managers & the workers.
(i) Identify the missing force in the above case.
(ii) Identify the principle of Taylor which is being referred.
(iii) List three values which can be cultivated among the employees by using the force identified in
the first question above.
XYZ Power Ltd. Set up a factory for manufacturing solar lanterns in a remote village as there was
no reliable supply of electricity in rural areas. The revenue earned by the company was sufficient to
cover the cost & risk. The demand of lanterns was increasing day by day, so the company decided to
increase production to generate higher sales. For this they decided to employ people from nearby
villages as very few job opportunities were available in that area. The company also decided to open
schools & crèches for the children of it’s employees.
(i) Identify & explain the objectives of management discussed below.
(ii) State any two values which the company wanted to communicate to the society.
One of the principles of scientific management emphasized that “to make the employees to learn the
best method of production, training to the workers is essential.” It further emphasized that each
person should be scientifically selected & the work assigned to the employees should suit their
physical , mental & intellectual capabilities.
(i) Name & explain the principle of scientific management involved
(ii) Name the principle of scientific management which is concerned with selecting the best way of
performing a job through application of scientific analysis & not by intuition or hit & trial method.
(iii) Name the value emphasized for following the principle in part (i) above.
Pizza Home is a chain of stores making pizzas, located at different states of India. Earlier the process
of making pizza was assigned to an individual worker & so the standard regarding taste, quality,
shape etc was not uniform due to which the company was not getting good response from customers.
So company decided that instead of assigning the whole job of making pizza to one employee,
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different employees were given different tasks like making pizza base, preparing toppings, baking,
packing etc . The common goal of all the employees was to achieve the common goal of the
company & as a result, each employee gained perfection & specification in his work which
improved efficiency & effectiveness of all the workers. It was decided that every branch of pizza
home all over India would distribute first ten baked pizza to poor people.
(i) Identify the principle of Fayol being followed by pizza home.
(ii) Identify the feature of management being followed.
(iii) Identify the value being referred below.
The production manager of a company wishes to enhance the productivity level of workers. For this
he wishes to set a standard task & also want to reward the efficient workers. Mention & discuss the
three techniques of scientific management, which can be used by the production
‘Panchayats of our country have been given powers to decide & spend funds granted to them by the
government for the welfare of villagers.’ Identify the management principle highlighted in the given
In Sharp industries the employees objectives were in direct contrast to the organizational objectives.
The employees ignored their own interest to give priority to the organizational objectives. Which
management principle is highlighted here in the given statement?
Explain the features of business environment . Any four
Namita & Aslam completed their MBA & started working in a multinational company at the same
level. Both are working hard & are happy with their employer. Aslam had habit of backbiting &
wrong reporting about his colleagues to impress his boss. All the employees knew about it in the
organization. At the time of performance appraisal the performance of Namita was judged better
than Aslam. Even then their boss Saleem decided to give promotion to Aslam, stating that being a
female Namita will not be able to handle the complications of the highest post.
(i) Identify & explain the principle of management which was not followed by the multinational
(ii) What action should be taken be the higher management in this case
The directors of a leading book publishing company, identifying the importance of value based
questions in CBSE curriculum as an early opportunity published a book based on these types of
questions. The turnover of the company increased tremendously & it decided to provide fair wages
to the employees to ensure at least a reasonable standard of living. Seeing the demand few book
sellers started charging more price than it was printed on the book.
(i) Identify & explain the significance of understanding the business environment highlighted
above.(Identify business Opportunities and getting first mover advantage)
(ii) Identify the principle of fayol being referred.
(iii) Identify the value being ignored by the book sellers quoting the lines from the above para.
Explain , why study of business environment is important?
A firm plans in advance & has a sound organization structure with efficient supervisory staff &
control system. On several occasions it finds that the plans are not adhered to It leads to confusion &
duplication of the work. Advice remedy.
“Coordination is not a separate function of management. It is the essence of management.” Explain
with the help of suitable example.
Explain Fayol’s principles of management.( Any 6)
Explain the techniques of scientific management( Functional Foremanship, Differential piece wage
Explain the organizational objectives of management.
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