Exchange & Transfer Committee



Exchange & Transfer Committee
 March Hiring 2015: Round 3 STUDENT LIFE EXECUTIVE POSITION DESCRIPTIONS Exchange & Transfer Committee The Exchange and Transfer Committee (ETC) works to integrate incoming exchange students into the general Queen’s population, while also providing experiences that greatly improve their time spent in Canada. This is a committee unlike any other offered at Queen’s – our events run on a weekly and bi-­‐weekly basis, designed to maintain consistent interaction to create the best “Exchange Experience” for each and every individual. We have an abundance of events to achieve this year: including International Pub Crawls, annual trips to Montreal and elsewhere, Exchange Nights, an International Flip Cup Tournament, our Semi-­‐
Formal, and many events new to this year. To our exchange students, ETC and our events have been called a high point of exchange for many years running as a result of our enthusiastic atmosphere, genuinely interested and outgoing members, and consistent ability to deliver memorable experiences between Canadians and Exchange students. Every year our events see extremely high demand from Queen’s students as well; ETC is one of the few chances most Queen’s students are given to meet students from around the world in a casual and fun environment. This committee is for anyone who genuinely enjoys making lifelong international friends and wants to create the most memorable experiences possible. Positions Available on ETC All of our positions will require you to work as part of our Event Planning team. This means you will work closely with the Co-­‐Chairs/Event Manager(s) to organize and execute events to ensure they run smoothly. Therefore, all ideal applicants will be well-­‐organized, committed and reliable team players who attend and help plan events in addition to their specific position proficiencies. These core skills will be critical of all applicants, so please keep these in mind during your interview. Last updated: March 24, 2015
Event Manager (6) -­‐ You will be responsible for managing an Event Planning team in the organization, and execution stages of a large number of events. You will work closely with the co-­‐chairs to ensure each event is successful and achieves positive experiences for all. This involves solid coordination with team members, proper delegation of tasks, organization and timeline management, and mitigation of any problems that may occur. You will be held accountable for your team – this is a tough role, but very rewarding and essential to the success of ETC this year. The ideal applicant for this position is one who can manage a team masterfully, work well under pressure, and lead by example. Event Coordinator (2) -­‐ You will be responsible for supporting event managers through the planning and organizing stages of all of our events. You will work in a team environment where you are expected to complete your tasks responsibly and on time. This person will take initiative to help out wherever possible and will find innovative and efficient ways of performing tasks. This job requires you to coordinate with team members, as well as plan effectively. Marketing and Promotions Officer (2) -­‐ You will be responsible for creating all of our marketing and advertising materials. This means you will be running our Facebook page, other social media (should you decide that is valuable), designing our event advertisements, communicating with exchange students through email, and facilitating the ways in which each event will be promoted. The ideal applicant for this position is one who is creatively inclined and has a passion for communicating information in original ways. Experience in photography, Photoshop and photo editing, are a great asset. Sports & Integration Manager (4) -­‐ You will be responsible for getting exchange students involved with sports and student activities throughout the school. Particularly, this means organizing and running Exchange intermural teams, creating casual opportunities for sports activity, and being responsible for the Canuck program. The ideal candidate will be driven to generally get involved across campus, while also being active and taking part of the Exchange intermural teams. Last updated: March 24, 2015
IT & Tech Officer (1) -­‐ Your main responsibility will be a complete redesign of a website for ETC this year. This means you will be working together with the Co-­‐
Chairs to build a cohesive and seamless online presence. You’ll also be working with the marketing teams to get some fantastic photos of our events, as well as assisting to set up any elaborate sound and light systems, should this ever be required. The ideal candidate would be an extroverted techie with web experience who is creative and easy to work with. Financial Officer (1) -­‐ You will be responsible for ensuring that all of our budgetary needs are met, while also seeking out new avenues for cost minimization. Primarily this will involve ensuring our events and trips are financed correctly while keeping track of all our expenses and revenues with precision. In addition, you will be expected to fill out and submit reimbursement forms to ComSoc on time. The ideal candidate is one who is honest, responsible, and has an analytical understanding of our financial needs. Last updated: March 24, 2015