Student Clubs at the VTH Open House


Student Clubs at the VTH Open House
Student Clubs at the VTH Open House
Dental Club (SCAVDS)
 Skulls and teeth from a variety of species!
 FREE dental product samples for dogs and cats!
Emergency Medicine (SVECCS)
 Selling emergency first aid kits for your pets!
Equine Practitioners (AAEP)
 Learn horse anatomy… On a real live horse!
 Learn how to listen to a horse with a stethoscope!
 Arts and crafts
 Bone specimens from horses
Feline Practitioners (AAFP)
 Live cats and double headed stethoscopes to learn feline auscultation
Future Care Givers Fund: Benefiting Vet Students and their Sick Pets
 Feed the animal bean bag game!
 Guess the dog treats in the jar, a fundraising effort for $1/try!
 Raffle tickets for a parent’s night out!
Holistic Club
 Learn about Alternative Veterinary Medicine
 Drawing and coloring pages!
 Selling RuffWear Products for a discounted price!
Internal Medicine (ACVIM)
 Find a heart beat on a kid… baby goat Kid that is!
Ophthalmology Club
 Match the animal eye to the species it belongs to!
 Do it yourself eye exam!
Pain Management Club
 Children’s crafts and club information
PVM 2017
 Proud Parent T-Shirts for Sale
Radiology Club (DIC)
 Radiographs in the Rad Rounds Room
 Found at the conclusion of the VTH Tour
Shelter Club
 Pet Rock Adoptions!
 Match the animal to the right habitat!
Sports Med Club (VSMR)
 Dog agility demonstrations from 11am-2pm in front of the DMC
Student Chapter of the AVMA (SCAVMA)
 Balloon Animals!
Surgery Club (SAVS)
 Operation Game
 Learn surgery skills on real training devices!
 How to use surgical instruments!
 Prizes!
Theriogenology Club
 Name that baby animal!
Wildlife Disease Association (WDA)
 Pelts and skulls of wildlife on display
 Wildlife Identification Game!
 T-shirts and mugs for sale!
Zoological Medicine Society (ZMS)
 Exotic specimens will be on display
 Selling merchandise specific to zoo med in the DMC
 Live exotic petting zoo in the Breezeway!