Family Eyecare Centre Newsletter


Family Eyecare Centre Newsletter
Family Eyecare Centre Newsletter - Winter 2015
Happy 2015!
We hope your year is kicking off to a great start. Here's how we are kicking off the
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Are you or someone you know tired of waiting for the medical system to catch up to
your needs? It's not unusual to hear of people waiting for months, sometimes years for
medical care, including a visit with an ophthalmologist. As you will read below, we at
Family Eyecare are now able to offer co-management with ophthalmology with a quick
turnaround. We are proud to be one of the first clinics in BC to be able to offer this level
of care to our patients.
Also, in this newsletter we'll introduce our newest instrument, the OCT, update you on
the newest contact lenses, tell you what is happening in Vision Therapy and introduce
you to our new staff members.
Drs. Nazima Sangha and Judith LeRoy & the staff at Family Eyecare Centre
Our practice has been certified by Care1 as an Integrated Clinic. This means that we
have the most advanced equipment and we provide the highest standard of eye care.
All of our staff and optometrists have completed training for Care1 and are experienced
in working together with Ophthalmologists to manage eye diseases.
With modern technology almost all parts of the human eye can now be photographed.
Using Care1, these images can be sent electronically to an Ophthalmologist for
recommendations on treatment. This is called Telemedicine. Treatment is
administered by us, your optometrists. Benefits include no wait times and no need to
What Conditions Can be Managed? Common eye conditions include:
Macular Degeneration
Retinal Diseases
Optic Disc Diseases
Monitoring of patients taking Plaquenil/Hydroxychloroquine
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We are very excited to offer our patients the latest in advanced ocular health testing,
the Cirrus HD-OCT (optical coherence tomographer). This advanced-technology
instrument never touches your eye, so there’s no discomfort. It’s safe and requires only
a few minutes of your time. Most importantly, Cirrus HD-OCT helps us to clearly see the
internal structures of your eye, so problems can be treated before they progress. The
unique view seen with Cirrus HD-OCT is called a direct cross-sectional image, which is
a “cutaway” view of the layers of the retina and optic nerve. Other machines show the
surface of these structures, but Cirrus HD-OCT shows us what is below the surface.
Does this type of image help your diagnosis?
The best answer is, examining your retina without the Cirrus HD-OCT would be like
trying to diagnose a broken arm without an x-ray, or a ruptured disc without an MRI.
What does direct cross-sectional retinal imaging offer that’s unique?
With Cirrus HD-OCT's ability to image the individual layers of the retina, we can see
and measure delicate structures and monitor any changes. Cirrus HD-OCT offers the
ultimate benefit for people living with glaucoma, glaucoma suspects and any retinal
disease or abnormalities, such as macular degeneration, macular edema and macular
holes. Early detection helps us diagnose and control pathology before permanent
damage is done. If it’s determined that you have any of the above diseases, the Cirrus
HD-OCT enables us to watch closely for the slightest changes and respond as needed.
Optic Nerve Head Analysis reveals the structure of the optic nerve where it originates in
the retina. With glaucoma, the “cup” in the optic nerve may enlarge.
Macular Thickness Analysis examines the condition and thickness of the macula, which
is the part of the retina that provides central vision. Thinning of the macula is possible
sign of glaucoma progression.
Post-Cataract Surgery Cystoid Macular Oedema consists of fluid-filled cysts that form
within the retina causing the retina to be swollen. This is usually noticed as blurry or
distorted vision.
This is the same eye but shown as a 3D surface map. This image covers a 6mm x 6mm
region and shows the swelling clearly.
The same eye but shown as a 3D thickness map. The hotter colours represent thicker
regions of the retina. This analysis is useful for showing changes over time.
Macular Hole is a hole in the retina. Prior to treatment, the loss of vision can be very
slight to very noticeable, depending on the size of the hole.
Central Serous Chorioretinopathy is a blister of fluid that collects underneath the retina.
Prior to treatment, symptoms can include a dark or gray area in the field of vision
Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a deterioration of the macula, which is the
part of the retina responsible for sharp, direct vision. AMD may include abnormalities
below the retinal surface. Prior to treatment, this can interfere with central vision.
Welcome Rita Johl to the Family Eyecare Centre Team!
We are pleased to welcome Rita Johl to our team. Rita is currently working as part of
our reception team and is eager to be trained as a dispenser. She is a busy mother of
two who brings a wealth of experience in customer service to our practice.
Welcome Maddie Geary to the Family Eyecare Centre Team!
We are pleased to welcome Maddie Geary to our team. Maddie has joined our practice
as a receptionist and is also being trained as a Vision Therapist. Maddie is very
involved in the community and is also a frequent runner, having recently completed the
Good Life Half Marathon.
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Congratulations on making it to the end of our Newsletter! For you lucky readers who did, come in to our
clinic to receive your free lens cloth and cleaner by mentioning our secret word “Tomographer”.
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