Do you run your own business or are you interested in


Do you run your own business or are you interested in
 Do you run your own business or are you interested in starting one? Women's Start‐up Club is a small group that meets once every two months to discuss issues, insights and successes of women running or planning to run their own businesses in Japan. Come join us for our fourth meeting "What you should know about social media marketing and Internet security" Date and time: Tuesday 2nd June from 7pm to 9:30pm Place: 7 minutes walk from Hiroo station (the exact location will be communicated to those who have confirmed attendance) Cost: 2,000 yen/person for FEW members and 3,000 yen for non‐members. This will cover finger food and soft drinks (coffee, tea and water) *No show or cancellation within 24 hours of the meeting will be charged. Registration: (or email to [email protected] for any questions)
Description: Our June meeting will focus on social media marketing and Internet security, crucial parts of running a business these days. Daphne will share her experience on teaching herself how to effectively use social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn for the company she works for, that had little previous presence on the social media. Learning from her experience will help us to apply this to our own situations. Nicola will give us some scary facts on how our data and ID is in danger and teach us how to minimize the risks. As always, it will be a casual gathering where we can exchange ideas, ask questions and brainstorm with other participants so please be prepared to interact! Speakers: Daphne van der Wielen, who will talk about the social media, is a Consultant at Canning Professional a training and development organisation in Tokyo. She is responsible for the planning and coordination of training and Saville Consulting (Psychometric Assessment Partner) as well as strategy setting, the development of Canning's marketing materials and social media management. In 2012 Daphne graduated cum‐laude from her Master Degree in Strategic Management. She has a Bachelor Degree in Business Economics. In addition, Daphne has an accreditation in Saville Consulting Aptitude and Wave. Nicola Vote who will talk about the Internet security, started her career working for the Japanese government, first at the local and then national level. She switched to the private sector a few years later, working as a consultant for NTT Docomo in the field of international standards. It was her desire to move into business that drove her to embark on an MBA course at McGill University, and she joined McAfee during her second year on the program. Nearly a decade later, she is still at McAfee and currently serves as the Director of Consumer Business Strategy for McAfee Japan (now part of Intel Security). Nicola is fluent in Japanese, and passionate about helping individuals to protect their data and identity online. Three pillars – Thought: speakers who make us think and give us real and useful information to help our businesses/plans for starting a business), Talk: the chance to ask questions, and contribute to the evening) and Takeaways: we will provide a summary of each evening for every attendee Our vision is:  To provide a place where likeminded women can talk in a safe and supportive environment about their business successes and issues  To give all women a chance to speak out  To provide quality speakers who will enhance our businesses All women welcome, whether you have just started your own business, have been running one for years, want to start one or just want to be inspired by getting together with energetic women! Organizers: Anne Good Since 2003 Anne has worked in Japan as an HR professional and executive, career and life coach. She has an in‐depth knowledge and experience in both business strategies and personal development practices. Her clients range from global corporations to small organizations privately held businesses and individuals. Her skill, knowledge and experience has enabled her to assist companies
of all sizes in business planning, strategic direction, competitor analysis and financial planning. Anne supports leaders and individuals in cross‐cultural leadership, conflict resolution, communication and assessment of teams and of the leaders themselves. Anne has experience working with leaders across a wide range of industries
including, manufacturing, financial services, retail, hospitality, life sciences and professional services. She has acted as a consultant, facilitator, and trainer in organizations who were downsizing, managing the change process and developing their talent pool. Yoko Majima Yoko is an Immigration Lawyer / Legal Advisor who started her own legal practice in 2006. Her expertise being the visa application and company registration, she helps foreign nationals in Japan with setting up their business and applying for the appropriate visa status while making the most of her extensive experience in international fields and language skills she acquired in Australia, France and Geneva. Not only she has the experience of running her own business as well as knowledge in technical and legal side of running business, she has seen many foreign nationals succeed and also fail in their venture. She thoroughly enjoys her work which allows her to meet many different people and to help them achieve what they truly want to do in their lives, and she is passionate to share her knowledge and experience on running a business in Japan. WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW ORGANIZERS TO TAKE OVER OUR ROLES! Please send us an email to [email protected] if you are interested.