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Open it Now! - Flash Forward Sites
These days, it's important for your business to get your information “out there” online to
help new customers find you. Just as you hand out business cards and mail postcards to
reach new people, your business listings will increase your visibility and reach.
Additionally, Google can see them too.
You may not be aware of it, but Google counts your business listings. Think of it like a
popularity contest. If you have more business listings than other similar or competing
businesses, then you may see your website higher in Google’s search results. Keep in
mind business profiles are just one of the 200 different factors Google is watching.
Google calls these “Citations”. Your citation is a page or directory that lists your
business name, business address, and phone number. Also called NAP. In most cases
directories will include a place for your Website too. is a really good example of a Citation. When you setup a free listing on Yelp,
you provide your NAP and website. Google will see it and count it as a citation. But, for
citations to be counted, your NAP must match what’s on your website ... exactly.
For phone numbers, don't mix it up as (480) 123-4567 or 480-123-4567 or
480.123.4567. Use ONE format and stick with it everywhere. Google will ignore it when
the phone number doesn’t match EXACTLY.
It’s the same for addresses. W vs West. #203 vs Suite 203 vs STE 203. It must
match the address on your website exactly. While we are on the topic of addresses,
some businesses don’t have a physical store, shop, or office. That’s OK. Even if you
don't have a business address that clients come to, such as a home-based business, you
still need to provide a mailing address. Using your home address isn’t a good idea, for
safety reasons. Instead, rent a mailbox from someone and use that as your address.
UPS or Mailbox etc is good, but find one with very few Businesses showing on Google’s
map. The best option is to find a small, local (not a nationwide chain) mailbox place.
There are even mailbox services that will open and scan your mail so you receive it all
as an email. They are pricy, but they work. Another option is to use a friend’s office.
Remember this is just a mailing address. You don't even need to receive mail there except for the postcard from Bing and Google that will get delivered there to verify your
business address. Definitely don’t use a Post Office box. Google doesn’t like that.
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The Top 10 list below is the most beneficial places to have your Citations. I have
included a link to where you signup to get your free citation.
1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yahoo!
4. Yelp
5. Merchant Circle
6. YellowBook
8. Homestead
9. BizJournals
10. Foursquare
Making sure that you have a presence everywhere helps to expand your
visibility and help your ranking position in Google.
After you setup the 10 above, there are over 100 additional places to get setup.
Would you like this list? Email me at [email protected] and I will
send you an additional list of places, along with the links to add your free
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