June 12


June 12
Weekly Progress Report
Date: 6/12/15
Days of Construction: 26
McCormick Road Utility Tunnel
Vault 1- The
first tunnel section is planned to be installed 6/13 from vault 1 to 2. THe
slab is poured and the wall rebar is being installed.
Vault 2-
The slab is poured and excavation between Vault 2 and 3 is underway. Tunnel
section installation between 2 and 3 is scheduled to begin next week. The chilled water lines
will be removed Asap.
Vault 3- Excavation is complete and the Slab is scheduled to be poured early
next week
Vault 4- Excavation and lagging in
Vault 5- lagging and excavation in
Progress, slab will be poured next
Tunnel Sections
There are two tunnel sections at Faulconer’s yard. the bottom sections are
being waterproofed before they are brought onsite. The First tunnel section
is planned to be installed 6/13 from Vault 1 towards Vault 2. The tunnel sections from Vault 1 to 2 will have to be installed one at a time and backfilled
to facilitate the placement of the crane. Faulconer is planning on installing
another tunnel section on Monday, 6/15 and one on Tuesday, 6/16.
UVA utilities relocated a COC water line this week between Vault 1 and 2. The
temporary Chiller is on-line. There were some issues with the start-Up, but
they have been resolved. Faulconer is now able to remove the Chilled water
lines next to Vault 2.
The UVA dept. Of engineering has asked for a tour with the Civil engineering
students of the site. I am working with Faulconer and Dewberry to facilitate
that next friday.