summer 2015 tuition... ...and everything else



summer 2015 tuition... ...and everything else
summer 2015 tuition...
7 week course - classes start june 22 - ends august 6
**will prorate summer tuition due to classes missed for vacation**
ballroom -$168 per couple. no registration fee. Starts July 9
rehearsal performance ballet
1:00-3:00 wednesday’s for levels Int I-adv
**counts as 2, 7wk classes**
will perform dances at the summer nursing home show
irish step intensive - $100 for the 7 weeks
**for the extra length of class**
princess dance camp
ages 3-6 cost $85
session 1 - july 13-17
session 2 - july 27-31
summer dance workshop
ages 5-12 cost $85
workshop 1 - july 6-10
workshop 2 - july 20-24
Nursing Home Show. Many of the our summer classes
will be asked to perform at the end of the 7 week course.
...and everything else
Returning students may enroll by phone. If you get the Minimum enrollment: 7 students per class. If minimum
answering machine, leave student’s name & class(es) that you enrollment is not met, we reserve the right to cancel or
combine the class. Zunic, Inc. DBA Fredericksburg Ballet
Centre assumes no liability for injury or loss incurred at the
studio or studio functions.
There is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $20 per student.
Registration must be completed before attending classes.
Cash and Check accepted. VISA & MASTERCARD accepted
as well but a surcharge will be added to amount charged. of class and balance due on July 20th. See chart above for
total cost of classes. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS TOWARD
Call the studio at 540-373-0978 or check out our website
TUITION WILL BE MADE FOR ABSENCES. Your child can for hours of operation.
make-up in another class. If not paying tuition monthly, the
charge for taking one class is $15.00.
Remember always has the most current information
Created on 4/1/2015

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