F.A.R. Director Candidate Statements


F.A.R. Director Candidate Statements
F.A.R. Director Candidate Statements
The following Candidates would like your consideration in becoming a F.A.R. Director to serve a three
year term to begin January 1, 2016. There are five vacancies.
Julie Caglia
My name is Julie Caglia, Broker for 31 years and I am running for director of the
Fresno Association of REALTORS®. I have been a director in the past and
have been involved in leadership for several years. I've learned a great deal
regarding political, local and state issues relating to our industry. I feel all the
education and involvement has helped me to participate in decisions with
knowledge and experience. I am very sensitive to our members needs and
respect our industry, our association and our hardworking staff. I have enjoyed
the opportunity to serve and would appreciate your vote.
Sandy Darling
Dear Fellow REALTORS®, I have served you for many years. I believe in
working for all of us to make our business more productive and more
professional by providing benefits and tools that make us better
REALTORS®. I think I bring to our Board of Directors an understanding of
where we have been, which is important in deciding where we are going! I
have served at C.A.R. and NAR to bring information back to our members to
help keep us all up-to-date with what is happening in our industry. I would
sincerely appreciate your vote.
Kristy Mastro-Henry
My name is Kristy Mastro-Henry and I have had my real estate license for 13
years and my broker license for 10 years. I am a current Director for the
Association. Born and raised in Fresno and graduated from San Joaquin
Memorial High School and San Diego State University. There are many
REALTORS® in my family including my mom and aunts. I have been working
for our family business, Andy Caglia Realty for the past 8 years.
Coming from a small office I enjoy being involved in leadership and networking
with other agents. I have been involved in leadership in various committees for
the past 7 years which include: MLS Speaker Chair for 2 years, Strategic Planning Committee
for 1 year, MLS Committee for 3 years, C.A.R. Director for 2 years and a Board of Director for
the past 2 1/2 years. I look forward to continuing to serve my fellow REALTORS® as a Director
for the Fresno Association of REALTORS®.
Tom Hyatt
I came into the real estate industry in 1970. I have been the Broker of Hyatt
Real Estate for 25 years. I have served as the Chairman of the Investors
and Exchangers for 15 plus years. I would like to now serve on your Board
of Directors. Please vote for Tom Hyatt as one of your selections for the
Fresno Association of REALTORS®' Board of Directors.
Joan Jolly
I have been selling real estate in the Fresno/Clovis area for the last 31
years. I've been involved in leadership with the Fresno Association of
REALTORS® for several years, holding various positions: FAR Director 20132015, FAR Treasurer 2011-2012, FAR President 2006, FAR Director 20012007, MLS Chair 2001.
Not only do I enjoy serving in leadership, but I feel I bring a lot of experience to
the position. Real Estate has been my career for many years and I believe in
keeping the integrity of our business and the accuracy of the information provided by the MLS. I
will work hard and be very fair for all members of our Association to continue to make it one of
the best Associations in the state.
J.P. Shamshoian
J.P. Shamshoian is serving as the President of Realty Concepts. Currently
serving on the Board of Directors for C.A.R., as well as a member of the
Community Outreach Committee, co-chair from 2012-2014. I am running for
the Board because I am passionate about the future of the industry and want to
be part of the solution on topics like the restoration of professionalism in the
industry and protection of your listing data from online third party sources. I
received my MBA from Fresno State, and am married to my best friend,
Margaret Ann.
Joetta Winter
I have been a member of our local Association for approximately 23 years! I
have previously served as an MLS Committee member and a past Director. I
also am presently serving on the LCRC Committee. I have a passion for getting
to know our membership, along with promoting and participating in FAR's
fundraisers and events.
I am a candidate for the 2016 election for the Fresno Association of
REALTORS® Board of Directors and I hope I can count on your vote!
Jonna Aluisi, REALTOR®, GRI, SFR
I joined Rod Aluisi Real Estate in 1986, bringing with me a working knowledge
in the areas of marketing, advertising, sales and management. As a
REALTOR of 16 years, I bring a unique perspective and a desire to serve.
Currently serving as your MLS Chairwoman, I have served on the MLS
Committee since 2012. As MLS Chair, I am also currently a F.A.R. and C.A.R.
Director. A founding Board of Directors member of Fresno Association of
REALTORS® & Affiliates Charitable Foundation (FARAF). I was 2014 Fundraiser Chair and
2015 Co-Chair. I would be honored to serve your and would appreciate your vote.