Summer Basketball Camp 2015 - Fryeburg Recreation Department


Summer Basketball Camp 2015 - Fryeburg Recreation Department
Fryeburg Academy Wadsworth Arena
S e d g e S a u nd e r s
F r ye b u r g A c a d em y
7 4 5 Ma i n S t .
F r ye b u r g , ME 0 4 03 7
I acknowledge that the nature of the
physical activities incidental to participation
at Fryeburg Academy’s A.B.A. Basketball
Camp may be vigorous and strenuous, and
may involve certain risks associated with
playing basketball. This is to certify and
represent that
is physically fit to participate in the activities
of a vigorous program. In the event of any
medical emergency where representatives of
A.B.A. Basketball Camp are unable to contact the parent or guardian, I authorize A.B.A.
Basketball Camp to act in the athlete’s best
interest according to A.B.A. Basketball
Camp’s best judgment. In consideration of
the athlete’s participation in and enjoyment of
A.B.A. Basketball Camp’s instructions and
facilities, I waive, release and forever discharge the Camp, its officers, directors,
agents, promoters, and employees from any
responsibility for accidents and medical or
dental expenses present or future, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting from or arising
out of or incident to participation in this camp.
I waive and release Fryeburg Academy’s
A.B.A. Basketball Camp from any responsibility for possessions lost or damaged by fire,
theft or personal negligence, or any injury or
illness incurred while at camp or traveling to
and from any camp activity.
Does your child have any individual medical needs? If so, please explain:
Academics of
Basketball Camp
9 am to 12 noon
Fryeburg Academy Wadsworth
A.B.A. Basketball Camp Registration
Fryeburg Academy Summer
Basketball Clinic
Fryeburg Academy will be conducting a basketball
camp June 22-26, and June 29-July 3 for boys and
Girls entering grades 3 - 8 at Fryeburg Academy
Gibson Gym. This camp is designed to help players develop skills, better
understand the game,
and gain valuable experience. There will be
three sessions offered
along with guest speakers
from the New England
area. Campers will be
exposed to the Fryeburg
Academy basketball philosFryeburg Academy
ophy, meet current varsity
players, and take part in many of the same drills
that the varsity team uses in practice. Athletes
may attend either one or two weeks.
Session I, II:
Time: 9:00 -12:00 noon
9:00 -10:30: Offensive series: Players will go
through different drill stations incorporating different basketball skills that will help them become
better offensive players.
10:30 –11:30: Defensive series: Players will
work on different drills that will teach them the
basics of sound fundamental defense.
11:30 –12:00: Special activity: Players will listen
to guest lecturer, take part in camp activity, and
compete in shooting contests for prizes.
Please check number of sessions and date attending!
There are scholarships available for those who meet
criteria. Please contact Coach Saunders if you are interested or need more information.
One session
One Session Camp Fee
Two Session Camp Fee
Sedge Saunders is currently in
his eighteenth year as varsity
boys basketball coach at Fryeburg. Sedge is a graduate of
Babson College where he
played basketball. Sean Watson
‘88 is in his fourth year as girl’s
varsity coach. Sean graduated from University of Maine
Two sessions
June 22 session
June 29 session
Basketball T-shirt Instructions
LOCATION: Fryeburg Academy Gymnasium
T-Shirt Size:
(Adult sizes)
 Camp T-shirt
 Individual instruction
 Quality coaches and staff
 Guest speakers
Tentative guest speakers:
Whit Lesure: Head coach Bridgton Academy.
Grade of Fall of 2015
Parents’ Names
Parents’ Daytime Phone numbers
Jim Perrokas: Professional Basketball player in European League.
Jay Tilton: Coach Exeter prep program.
Karl Henrickson: Head coach USM.
If you have any questions please call Fryeburg varsity
coach Sedge Saunders (542-9369), Sean Watson (2051522), or Sue Thurston (935-2031). Make checks payable to Sedge Saunders and you may send payment to
his address on the bottom of the Registration form as
well as the participation waiver.
Fryeburg Academy
Wadsworth Arena
Sedge Saunders
Fryeburg Academy
745 Main St.
Fryeburg, ME 04037
Sedge Saunders (542-9369)
Sue Thurston (935-2031)
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