Recorded Future Real-Time Threat Intelligence with HP ArcSight


Recorded Future Real-Time Threat Intelligence with HP ArcSight
Recorded Future Real-Time Threat
Intelligence with HP ArcSight
Anticipate and prioritize unknown threats better, with
richer IOC context from the open Web.
Recorded Future + HP
ArcSight Use Cases
Automatically correlate
suspicious network
observables with enhanced
OSINT context from Recorded
Recorded Future continuously collects and analyzes information from
the open Web (OSINT) to produce real-time threat intelligence analytics.
By integrating this content into the HP ArcSight SIEM, you can increase
security by assessing internal network observables in the broader context
of emerging threats, attackers, and technical indicators on the open
Web. Recorded Future combined with ArcSight empowers analysts to
proactively identify, prioritize, and mitigate emerging threats.
Recorded Future analyzes
open Web forums and
sources, alerting you
immediately when threatrelated mentions of your IP
address ranges appear
The Open Web in Real Time
Recorded Future’s patented Web Intelligence Engine mines the Web for IOCs and actor/
vector/target relationships and generates real-time threat intelligence. Recorded Future
harvests, extracts, and calculates trend signals and leading indicators from hundreds of
thousands of open Web sources across multiple, crucial languages.
Enhance Existing Correlation Rules with
Recorded Future OSINT Context
Technical indicators discovered and analyzed by
Recorded Future are automatically correlated with data in
ArcSight to provide analysts richer OSINT context. When
a correlated alert is triggered, you can right-click in the
ArcSight console to access the Recorded Future user
interface to gain additional context about the indicator (IP,
hash, domain, etc). For example, if an external IP address
involved in a network event is correlated with Recorded
Future, additional insight from the open Web is readily
available with a drill down.
Recorded Future
threat intelligence
Internal network
Recorded Future OSINT content correlated in HP ArcSight SIEM.
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Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts on IP Ranges
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Recorded Future integrates with ArcSight to automatically alert analysts to critical information
found on the Web. For example, these could be threats involving specific IP address ranges
related to the organization.
For more information and a
demonstration, email us at
[email protected].
Recorded Future
HP ArcSight SIEM
Recorded Future
alerts in ArcSight
regarding direct threat
to a customer IP, and
analytic drill down for
a holistic view of the
threat landscape.
About Recorded Future
We arm you with real-time threat intelligence so you can proactively defend your organization against cyber attacks. With billions of indexed facts, and
more added every day, our patented Web Intelligence Engine continuously analyzes the open Web to give you unmatched insight into emerging threats.
Recorded Future helps protect four of the top five companies in the world.
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