1st Quarter Newsletter - Granco Federal Credit Union


1st Quarter Newsletter - Granco Federal Credit Union
The staff and volunteers at GRANCO are happy to announce that
You are all invited to celebrate during GRANCO’s Annual Meeting on April 24,
2015 at 6:30 pm held at The Bethlehem Chapel located at 612 Nat Washington
Way, Ephrata, WA. Come enjoy a free dinner, some great prizes and giveaways,
and a fun night with your GRANCO family.
We hope you are all as happy with your new building and with the addition of
the shared branching ATM giving you another way to access your account on a
24 hour basis.
We know many of you are wondering about the new and “coming soon”
Moses Lake branch. There were and are still many steps to getting this project
completed but we are moving ahead and are now in the final stages. We will be
submitted to the City of Moses Lake for final permitting this month. Once that
is approved we will be sending out for contractor bids at which time a
contractor will be selected and construction will begin. We look forward to
opening this new branch before the end of this year.
We will be having our Annual Member Appreciation Barbecue on June 19th our
way of thanking you, our member owners, for your support of GRANCO. Come
on down and enjoy hotdogs, and burgers off the grill. Watch our web site for
more details as the date gets closer.
You’ve come to trust us as your financial services partner. Through our
partnership with the companies of the CUNA Mutual Group serving America’s
credit unions for more than 75 years, we’re able to make available insurance
products and programs to help you protect the achievements and aspirations of
the people who matter most in your life. We want you to know that CUNA
Mutual Group is unveiling a new brand, TruStage, for insurance products and
programs designed exclusively for you. You will soon begin noticing the TruStage
brand in mailings, materials displayed in our branches, newsletters, on our web
site, or in other information you receive through our credit union. Rest assured,
TruStage insurance is a name you can trust. For a quote on TruStage
insurance products and programs, call 888-787-8249.
New & Used Vehicles
100% Financing + Tax & License
100% Financing No Tax or
85% Financing No Tax or License
Boats & RVs
100% Financing + Tax & License
4.29% - 12.89%
100% Financing No Tax or
3.69% - 11.39%
85% Financing No Tax or License
2.69% - 10.89%
First Mortgage
10-30 yrs. Please call for rate
We do not sell our Mortgages!
Second Mortgage
Mobile Home
Fixed Rate–Unsecured
Time Line-Unsecured
Share/CD Secured
3.00% (over share/cd)
Regular Shares - 0.250%
Share Drafts - 0.100%
Christmas Club
.399% up to $5,000
.300% $5,001 to $10,000
.250% $10,001 and up
Certificate Rates
July 1, 2014
12 month $1,000 Minimum
0.399% 0.400% APY
24 Month $2,500 Minimum
0.599% 0.600% APY
36 Month $10,000 Minimum
0.797% 0.800% APY