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our brochure - Greenfield Fertilizer
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What is AGROSOLution
It is 100 % energy for growing obtained from natural minerals – without any chemical additives! AGROSOLution has been
produced to provide for healthy growth of plants by helping the plant to breathe. The optimum value for photosynthesis to
take place is a CO 2 content between 0.1 and 1.0 % by volume. The CO 2 content of air, however, is only 0.03 % by volume.
This is why plants work below their optimum. With AGROSOLution the CO 2 balance inside the leaf is raised to its optimum
level and remains constant. There are no interfering influences adversely affecting the plant.
Due to AGROSOLution the plant has more time to concentrate on its original mission - to grow and prosper. A healthy plant
has a stronger immune system and can obtain more nutrients from the soil. Less “work“ for the plant means that it needs less
water for growth.
CO 2
H 2O
Raw material
AGROSOLution is a purely organic leaf fertilizer produced from a natural mixture of finely crushed minerals.
2.7 lbs/acre is enough to cover the lawn with a fine mist. This should be repeated at an interval of 14 to 21 days
(depending on the condition of the turf) during the period of growth. 1st treatment in spring after the first cut.
AGROSOLution can be mixed with all herbicides, fungicides and/or liquid fertilizers.
H 2O B
How does AGROSOLution work
Once applied to the leaf surface, AGROSOLution penetrates the leaf via the stomata.
A process is initiated which allows a gaseous transfer within the plant, whereby CO 2
is released.
Once AGROSOLution enters the plant, individual components of AGROSOLution react
by breaking down and in the process releasing CO 2 , providing a steady supply of CO 2
to the plant from the inside.
Magnified cross section of plant leaf
CO 2 release
O 2 release
•Reduction of water demand
O V ers
Aby PexpePrienRced greenkeep
•Increase in the intensity of the green pigment (chlorophyll)
•Improving the visual appearance
•Better root development, denser root growth
•Prevention of fungal diseases
•Improving the pH-value > enabling plant to better absorb
fertilizer nutrients
•AGROSOLution can be mixed with any commercial fertilizer and plant excipient.
•Prevention of snow mold
(final spraying required before winter)
•By means of AGROSOLution you get a denser and more stress-tolerant turf
Why AGROSOLution?
1.Quick and easy application allows for minimum disruption of golf course.
(morning or evening application recommended)
2.Once every three weeks is enough to obtain a lush green playing surface.
3.AGROSOLution allows a sustained and steady growth. The surface is provided with an optimal calcium supply that controls the pH of the plant.
4.Thanks to AGROSOLution turf grass will be less vulnerable to stress and regenerate faster after heavy loads (higher stress tolerance).
5.AGROSOLution supports the seeding process in particular and ensures greening of turf grass in less time.
Through an optimal supply of AGROSOLution the development of fungus is reduced.
• Less mushroom roses
• Less snow mold
6.AGROSOLution provides for denser root growth: Better root growth allows a more intensive supply of all essential nutrients and reduces water con
sumption. By means of AGROSOLution you reduce the water demand by at 15 to 20 %.
INTERVIEW with greenkeeper by PR agency LANG & TOMASCHTIK Communications
Name: Harald Faldner
Company: Golf Club Danube
Which other plant additives were used?
We applied agents against bacteria and fungicides.
How often did you apply AGROSOLution?
During the growth period we fertilized with AGROSOLution every four weeks.
Were/are the plants more resistant? (For example) in bad weather?
Especially in problem areas such as dry spots I noticed a denser growth of the turf.
What difference did you notice in comparison to previous years?
The plants grew thicker and were more resistant to drought than in recent years.
Would you recommend AGROSOLution to others?
I can recommend AGROSOLution in any case. AGROSOLution works perfectly, especially in problem areas.
I found a denser and firmer growth, not only in normal areas, but also in dry zones.
INTERVIEW with greenkeeper by PR agency LANG & TOMASCHTIK Communications
Name: Thomas Riepl
Company: Golf Range Tuttendörfl / Tuttenhof (serviced by Engelmann company)
Which other plant additives were used?
Besides AGROSOLution our golf turf was treated with a mixture of nutrients in liquid form.
Were/are the plants more resistant?
After treatment with AGROSOLution it turned out that the plants tolerated drought much better.
Were/are the plants more resistant to pests? Is AGROSOLution better for plant health?
With the help of AGROSOLution the plants looked much healthier and more robust.
What difference did you notice in comparison to previous years?
Compared to previous years, we noticed that the visual appearance of our golf turf could be significantly improved due to
the reduced vulnerability to drought. In addition, we needed much less irrigation water.
What did you notice after treatment with AGROSOLution?
After treatment with AGROSOLution we noticed that the grass roots expanded significantly and grew to greater depths.
What conclusion do you draw from the treatment with AGROSOLution?
AGROSOLution is an ideal foliar fertilizer to reduce the susceptibility of grass to drought and to thus save irrigation water.
In addition, the plants have a healthier and more robust appearance.
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