FSHS Seminar Series - University of St Mark & St John


FSHS Seminar Series - University of St Mark & St John
FSHS Seminar Series
Exercise in hot environments:
athlete preparation, performance,
and the implications of inflammation
Joshua Guy
University of St Mark & St John/James Cook University
Tuesday 26 May 2015, 10am
Venue: Lecture Theatre - University of St Mark & St John, Plymouth
Extreme environmental conditions present
athletes with diverse physiological, immune
system and performance challenges;
however, not all sporting events are
limited by thermoregulatory parameters.
The purpose of this presentation is to
examine how and where performance
is compromised and to consider novel
strategies to mitigate the effects of hot
weather conditions.
Joshua Guy completed a Bachelor of Sport
and Exercise Science (Hons 1) at James Cook
University (Cairns, Australia) in 2012 and is
currently studying in Plymouth for the final
year of his PhD under the supervision of
Prof Andrew Edwards of the University St
Mark & St John and Prof David Pyne of the
Australian Institute of Sport.
For more information please contact Amy Bugg: [email protected]