Information Calbuco Volcano



Information Calbuco Volcano
Santiago, May 7th 2015
Dear Community,
As you may be informed, the Calbuco Volcano located at Lake District, south from Llanquihue Lake,
unexpectedly erupted on April 23rd,2015. The eruption, among other effects, generated a cloud of ashes
that has moved to different areas in Argentina and in Chile Andes range -because of the wind direction, including Panguipulli commune, where part of Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is located. Where
approximately 3 cm. / 1 in. of ashes fell (mild drop).
Is important to mention that Calbuco volcano is located at 315 km. / 195 mi. south of Huilo Huilo (See
annexed Map), A “preventive red alert” was declared by the Government only for Lake District Region.
At Los Rios Region, where Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is located, no ashes have fallen during this
current month of May, and rain on the past days has washed out all trees and the surrounding areas,
returning to our normal operational activities and scenic views.
We appreciate the interest of the Community on knowing information from the Reserve on the volcano
eruptive process. We invite you to keep enjoying our touristic activities and the ones planned by Huilo
Huilo Foundation during May, specially the commemoration of 10 years of the return of the Huemul deer
(South Andean deer) to the region. An event where all of our closest partners and friend as well as local
and national authorities, and Chile’s most important press will be attending.
Huilo Huilo Team
Panguipulli, Región de Los Ríos, Selva Patagónica, CHILE | [email protected]| +56 2 2887 3500
Official information of Chile Government about Calbuco volcano eruption:
Information from the Administration of Los Rios region:
Information from Panguipulli Local Council:
Panguipulli, Región de Los Ríos, Selva Patagónica, CHILE | [email protected]| +56 2 2887 3500