ODK Brochure



ODK Brochure
Malibu Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets
Choose the cabinets to
complete YOUR custom
All Extruded Aluminum Outdoor Kitchens Cabinets
8 standard cabinets to choose from, including
beverage center module and refrigerator module.
Can be purchased with or, without the bar.
Use our counter top or, choose your own.
Grill Cabinet
Fridge Cabinet
For more information call 503-288-7511
By the Cabinet pricing
Custom cut outs for all grills, including Big Green
Available in 4 colors
Center Cabinet
Drawer Cabinet
Door Cabinet
Filler Cabinet
Made in America
• Made from aircraft grade aluminum, there’s
nothing to rust.
• Multiple cabinet styles gives you complete
control as you design your one of a kind,
custom outdoor kitchen.
• Light weight
• Cabinets are easily joined together.
• All drawers have acrylic sliding covers to
keep out unwanted pests.
• Cabinets can be purchased with a bar or
• Unlike traditional on site construction, the
Malibu Outdoor Kitchen can be
disassembled and move to a new location
PW Sikes Cooker
Fresh Air Inlet
Flavor Chamber
• 2 sizes to choose from.
• Aircraft aluminum construction.
• Stand alone or drop in.
• Smokes, boils, grills, broils and fries.
• Lifetime limited warranty
• Say Goodbye To Burnt & Dry…FOREVER!