Job Opening Maintenance Assistant Part Time (10



Job Opening Maintenance Assistant Part Time (10
May 12, 2015
Job Opening
Maintenance Assistant
Part Time (10 -12 hours/week)
A student housing cooperative system in west campus seeks a competent and enthusiastic person for part time building
maintenance work. The Maintenance Assistant works an average 10-12 hours per week at the direction of the Facilities
Director doing hands-on maintenance tasks, program coordination, and light office administrative work. This job offers a
great deal of flexibility, a relaxed work environment, and many learning opportunities - and does not require you to be oncall or have any specialized training.
Candidate Requirements
Must be available 12 hours per week. Scheduling is flexible but must be between the hours of 8-5pm, M-F
Committed to stay in the position at least one year
Ability to use common tools (owning tools not required)
Effective communication skills
Capable of working independently and with a variety of personalities and cultural perspectives
Ability to perform some moderately physically demanding tasks, such as lifting and kneeling.
Have a valid driver license (owning car not required)
The ideal candidate has a strong aptitude for hands-on tasks, but can also perform office administrative duties. In addition,
the person possesses a mature level of discretion to enable effective work in facilities occupied by a diverse group of college
student-members. The ideal candidate inspires trust and will be available for two or three years.
The following is a general list of the types of work for the position:
HVAC maintenance (e.g. clean coils on commercial refrigerators/freezers, replace air filters on central a/c systems, clean hvac condenser unit
coils, maintain areas around hvac condenser coil units, replace and/or clean window unit air conditioners)
coordinate a routine (monthly) maintenance program for our nine properties.
coordinate third party maintenance and inspections (e.g. fire alarm/sprinkler system inspections, stove vent hood cleaning, pest control
appointments, stove hood and fire extinguisher inspection, pool maintenance)
driving to pick up supplies
office/house administrative tasks as-needed, assist with move-in/move out process
The hourly compensation level will be at least $15/hour. In addition, the position gets an annual bonus for every year of
ICC as an organization is committed to diversity in all its various forms.
If the opportunity sounds interesting to you, please send letter of interest and/or resume to [email protected]

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