Data Sheet EoSens Quad


Data Sheet EoSens Quad
High-Speed Recording Cameras
EoSens ® Quad 1.1
A New Standard
in Resolution and Integration
The EoSens ® Quad 1.1 has been designed to meet the demands of
modern high-speed cameras for all-purpose applications. The compact and lightweight housing contains a range of technical features,
which can be applied to meet the demands of a range of applications,
such as crash tests, R&D, material strain testing or scientific tests.
EoSens® Quad 1.1 Advantages at a Glance:
•2,500 fps at 1,280 x 864 pixel resolution
•3,000 fps at Full-HD 720 p
•Compact housing
•Highest shock resistance
•High light sensitivity
The new sensor delivers 2,500 fps at full resolution and even
3,000 fps at Full-HD 720 p. The combination of this resolution with
the high sensitivity and 10 bit pixel depth means it effortlessly
records all the details of the critical moments.
With a high shock resistance of 100 g it can cope with the
highest stress for onboard crashtests, facilitating reliable documentation and analyses.
EoSens ® Quad 1.1
New Design from Scratch
Technical Data
The latest member of the Mikrotron high-speed recording
camera family is the first of a new generation of high-speed
cameras. It incorporates the option of up to 64 GB internal
memory and Gigabit Ethernet connection.
(More detailed specifications are available on request)
EoSens ® Quad 1.1
1,280 x 864
The compact design and lightweight body offer easy integration in all environments. Adding the analog and digital I/O it
not only fits mechanically but becomes an integrated part of
the experiment, recording video and sensor data at the same
time in total sync.
Max. Framerate
The Hi-G rating in combination with the minimized weight
puts less strain on the camera as well as on the mechanics
required to fix them, making it possible to perform tests that
seemed unrealistic before.
Lenses for Every Application
New Operator Software
With the change in user experience on computers the
newly developed operator Software VisualMARC faces new
demands in productivity and functionality as in the work
flow. The new software tackles all this, offering the user a
constant workflow in high- speed images on Windows as well
as a future basis for new systems to come.
This includes a full multi-camera control, high performance
image processing pipeline for only real time editing and a
number of functions to meet the specific needs of highspeed camera users in various applications. If required, the
plug-in concept of the new software offers easy integration of
additional features.
The integrated 2D tracking module offers fast, easy to
use and comprehensive analyses of the captured data
without the need to buy additional software.
Optional Extensions
•ImageBLITZ® Automatic Trigger
•Multi Sequence Mode
Pixel size
13.7 x 13.7 μm
Sensor size
17.5 x 11.7 mm
Active area
21.05 mm (diagonal)
Color depth
8 / 10 bit
25 V/Lux-s at 550 nm
Dynamic range
•Hi-G 100 g shock,
20 g vibration
69 dB
Min. Shutter speed
1 µs
Shutter time (Steps)
1 µs
Recording times
With the new design also the lens mount has been rethought.
Staring with C-Mount it also features the new FG-Mount for
modern Nikon mount primes and zooms as well as the Canon
EOS mount including lens control for iris and focus. The
inclusion of the options of being mounted on a microscope,
combined with endoscopes or custom optics means this
camera will be able to see what you need it to.
Available mount option
Camera size
1.7 s (8 GB)
6 s (32 GB)
C-, F- and FG-Mount
63 x 63 x 95 mm (C-Mount)
500 g (C-Mount)
Power consumption
12 W
Power supply
12 – 24 V DC,
Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
Camera body
max. 50 °C
new developed VisualMARC
operator software
Camera-PC interface
Gigabit Ethernet
triggering with external signal (TTL),
trigger button, software trigger or
ImageBLITZ® Automatic Trigger
in- and output to synchronize multiple
cameras or trigger any external devices
(5V TTL), ARM output (recording state)
Analog input
Digital input
Data Interface
Gigabit Ethernet
Plug position
Rear side placed
FPN Correction, Burst Trigger Mode,
Autosave, Pulswidth
Resolution and Corresponding Frame Rate
1,280 x 864
2,560 fps
1,280 x 720
3,069 fps
1,280 x 512
4,306 fps
1,280 x 200
10,893 fps
1,280 x 50
41,152 fps
fps = frames per second
Rev. O / III
Mikrotron GmbH provides a full range of high-speed
imaging solutions for challenging applications in industry,
engineering, science and sports. The company‘s extreme
slow-motion recording enables customers to optimize
manufacturing processes, improve product design,
revolutionize quality management and analyze motion.
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