Managed Network Intrusion Detection Service


Managed Network Intrusion Detection Service
Managed Network Intrusion Detection Service
Cost-effective, Turnkey NIDS Solution
The Solutionary Managed Network Intrusion Detection
Service provides organizations with an effective Network
Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) solution, updates, tuning
and 24/7 monitoring by Solutionary security experts.
Network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) help organizations monitor and respond to malicious network traffic.
With the numerous web-based threats, APTs and malware
facing organizations, NIDS is an integral part of an overall
security strategy. NIDS is an important component for
compliance with regulations such as the PCI DSS, GLBA,
HIPAA/HITRUST, Sox and others. Keeping these solutions
updated and patched while monitoring them 24/7 is, however,
cost-prohibitive for many organizations. Solutionary reduces
that burden for clients, with a cost-effective, turnkey NIDS
Detect and Respond to Emerging Threats
The Solutionary Managed NIDS Service combines
signature-based NIDS with monitoring and device
management services. Using a combination of Snort, custom
signatures and active threat intelligence, the Solutionary
Managed NIDS Service delivers a comprehensive, turnkey
solution for Network protection and compliance. Cross-client,
active threat intelligence keeps signatures updated to detect
emerging threats.
The solution is monitored 24/7 by trained Solutionary
Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel to investigate
and respond to security events. The combination of NIDS
plus 24/7 monitoring gives clients a cost-effective solution
for securing their environment.
Reduce Overhead and Improve Security
Managed NIDS Service clients can reduce their overhead
while improving their security posture. Solutionary experts
configure, tune, update and provide 24/7 monitoring for the
devices. Updates and patches are applied by Solutionary,
keeping the devices up-to-date and leaving internal staff free
to focus on other priorities.
Continuous device management and rule maintenance
provides a high level of effectiveness. A cross-client
global view enables Solutionary to recognize and respond
to emerging threats.
The ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance platform and
SOC analysts help to identify false positives, therefore
only notifying clients on actual security alerts. Clients have
access to SOC analysts, the online ActiveGuard Portal and a
dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM).
Managed NIDS Service Features Include:
Turnkey NIDS Solution
ActiveGuard Hybrid Appliance
Real-time Visibility of Network-based Threats
Expert Configuration and Tuning
24/7 Security Monitoring and Management
Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
Add On Features:
Add vulnerability data to cross-correlate impact
(on-target and off-target attacks)
User identity and assets add context to normally
IP-based alerts (LDAP or AD feed required)
Solutionary – The Next Generation Managed Security Services Provider
Solutionary, an NTT Group security company, reduces the
The Solutionary Difference:
information security and compliance burden, delivering
100% Security Focused
flexible managed security services that align with client
Customer Service is Our Culture
goals, enhancing organizations’ existing security program,
Patented Technology with Advanced Analytics
infrastructure and personnel.
Global Threat Intelligence — SERT
Acknowledged Leader by Industry Experts and Analysts
Solutionary Services Include:
Log Monitoring and Management
Managed Security Services
Security Device Management
Security Consulting Services
Vulnerability Management
Compliance Services
Cloud and Virtualization Security
Critical Incident Response
Solutionary Clients Receive:
Peace of Mind
Unparalleled, Passionate Customer Service
Flexible, Easy to Do Business with Partner
Extension of the Internal Team
Optimization of Existing Technology Investments
Strengthened, Accelerated Security Program
Reduced Cost of Security
Services are delivered to clients through multiple 24/7,
Advanced Threat Detection and Context-Based Alerts
fully redundant security operations centers (SOCs).
Visibility to Make Informed Security Decisions
Cross-Device Correlation
Eased Audits and Compliance Support
Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
The patented ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance Platform
is the technology behind Solutionary services.
Global Threat Intelligence – SERT
ActiveGuard is able to accurately collect, analyze and
The Solutionary Security Engineering Research Team
correlate vast amounts of data from virtually any application or
(SERT) protects and informs Solutionary clients through
device capable of producing a log file. This allows Solutionary
security threat research, vulnerability analysis and the
to improve security while making it more efficient.
development of effective countermeasures.
ActiveGuard® Features Include:
Highly Configurable Compliance Platform
Built-In Heuristics and Anomaly Detection
Get Started Today
Context-Aware Alerting
24/7 Portal Access
View Status, Configurations and Change History
See how Solutionary can help optimize security,
improve efficiency and ease compliance. Contact an
authorized Solutionary partner or Solutionary directly.
Global Threat Intelligence
Industry and Compliance Reporting
Customized Reporting
Evidence and Log Vault
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Solutionary, an NTT Group security company, is the next generation managed security services
provider (MSSP), focused on delivering managed security services and global threat intelligence.