Informatica Ultra Messaging SNMP Agent Option


Informatica Ultra Messaging SNMP Agent Option
• Protect your
application investment
• Reduce downtime risks
• Enhance competitive
Uncover Network and Messaging Stack
Performance Issues with SNMP Agent
Network issues can wipe out critical data in your messaging stream—or prevent it from
reaching its destination—before you realize a problem has occurred.
The Informatica® Ultra Messaging® SNMP Agent Option avoids these unpleasant surprises
and protects your investment in your applications by proactively uncovering performance
issues in your network and messaging stack. This option empowers your IT staff to identify
sources of latency and performance bottlenecks before they become costly.
With the SNMP Agent Option, your IT organization can:
• Locate and resolve messaging and network issues
• Identify and mitigate latency hot spots
• Map and troubleshoot your network
• Integrate messaging applications
The SNMP Agent Option protects your investment in your applications. It reduces downtime
risks by identifying latencies and performance bottlenecks before they become a problem.
And it enhances your competitive advantage by avoiding potential performance issues.
A management console
provides centralized
management of configuration
options for applications across
the entire messaging bus,
including rules for user access
to topics and applications.
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Informatica Ultra Messaging
SNMP Agent Option
Key Features
SNMP Agent
About Informatica
The SNMP agent locates messaging and network issues before they interfere with
communication and performance and cause loss. It identifies potential latency hot spots in
your infrastructure so your IT team can remove them before they compromise messaging
and network performance.
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DartWare Intermapper Integration
Integration with DartWare Intermapper enables your IT team to map and troubleshoot your
network quickly and easily.
Robust Connectivity
Robust connectivity features allow your IT team to tie multiple messaging applications to your
existing SNMP management framework. You and your end users can use the messaging
applications that fit best with your business environment.
Key Benefits
Protect Your Investment in Your Applications
With the SNMP Agent Option, your IT team can safeguard applications against poor
performance by addressing prospective network issues proactively. This ensures a
faster return on your application investment while improving your ability to meet
service-level agreements.
Reduce Downtime Risks
Using the SNMP Agent Option, your IT organization can uncover and manage performance
issues in your network and messaging stack. This option eliminates multiple points of
failure and simplifies management. It minimizes the risks of network downtime from both
bottlenecks and human error.
Enhance Competitive Advantage
The SNMP Agent Option makes it easier to integrate messaging applications into your
workflow for faster, smoother, more intuitive communications with minimal network problems.
By avoiding performance issues, your IT organization can develop applications that enhance
your company’s competitive advantage.
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